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Bullies, Stalkers, and Trolls! Oh my!

Be-Nice-or-Leave-PosterI feel as though this is the dawning of a new age, and it’s not the Age of Aquarius. It’s the Age of the Disintegration of Humanity. Rarely do I write social commentary. I’m more of a writer who tries to counsel through writing. On occasion, however, I must speak my mind about certain issues prevalent in our society. Mind you, it takes a bit for the commentary to percolate, and so, I am finally weighing in on a most disturbing trend in the writing community- nasty, unmannerly behavior among the ranks.

In all honesty, I live on the fringe of all the growing madness. Thank goodness, too! I hear, from a far distance, about  authors, reviewers, readers behaving badly towards each other. Trolls across Amazon destroy the reputations of books with one-star reviews, for which I have fallen victim. And the ultimate breach of etiquette and propriety- the stalking of a reviewer by an author.

The novel-writing industry has been overrun by those who do not respect the profession, and it’s time to bring it to an end. It’s time we demand professional norms be created and followed. If people can’t abide by them, then they’re out. Here’s my suggested list of norms:

If you plan to be an author, reviewer, blogger, and/or reader, you must adhere to the following:

1. Understand that behind every written word is a real person with a heart and a soul, who has put their best effort toward publishing their book.

2. Understand that behind every purchase is a real person anticipating a great read. Respect them enough to put out the
highest quality story that has been professionally edited, and one that has a professionally created book cover.

3. When offered an opportunity to review a book, actually do so. Don’t mistake this as a chance to get a free book
and never follow through, or pirate it. Authors are looking for  honest feedback on their work, and you promised.

4. When given a review from a reviewer, blogger, or reader, either ignore it or read it, but never respond to it in a negative way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is how well the story reads in a reader’s head.

5. Understand that when a release date comes and goes without a release, it’s usually because life and the unexpected happens. Authors and publishers strive to meet deadlines and release dates, but it doesn’t always go as planned. Readers have the right to be disappointed, but the responsibility to acknowledge that authors and publishers are just as disappointed. No need for anger. It’s just a book, not a paycheck that has been delayed.

6. Readers are customers, not employers. 

6. Disagreements are NEVER aired on any social media outlet. Keep it to emails and instant messaging, and keep it professional. Don’t know how? Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.

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Habit 5: Seek First to Understand


An oldie, but a GOODIE! Improve your communication skills and you’ll find a more peaceful workplace and home.

Originally posted on Deena Remiel's Place:

“But you just don’t understand what I’m trying to say!”
“You’re not hearing me!” 
“You just don’t get it!”

How many times have you heard or said these statements of frustration? A lot, I’m sure, as have I. It’s hard work keeping a relationship of any kind on the right side of things. Most conflicts occur out of a lack of clear, effective communication. Today’s HABIT is all about seeking to UNDERSTAND the other person and then seeking to be understood.

This is much more than letting the other person speak first. In any discussion, let’s agree that there is always ample room to misunderstand. In fact, it’s like we’re hardwired TO MISunderstand and must work very hard to find our way back to understanding. With that said, there’s a way to skip the misunderstandings altogether. This phrasing usually works for me…

“So, please correct me if I’m wrong…

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I Love Writing, But I’d REALLY Love Beautiful Nails

20141020_172720I’m having a nail crisis! It actually started years ago, when I realized I couldn’t grow nails like the other women in my family or my girlfriends. I have baby nails. Really! They’re tiny. And my hands are small, too. So, I knew I would never be a concert pianist, but to realize I couldn’t grow nails that would look lovely with luscious pinks, corals, and all kinds of decorative paintings, has left me devastated. Don’t even get me started on all the Jamberry stickers I could be buying and wearing like nobody’s business!

Now, I know how it is. I could very easily put fake nails on and call it a day. But, that costs money, bi-weekly, to maintain. It’s money I don’t have to spend on such luxuries. Plus, there is one confounding factor to all of this. Let’s say I had the money to go fake and awesome. How the heck would I write? 

I’ve been sprinting lately, which really ups my word count, thankfully. If I had claws, I’d be sprinting and writing gibberish and probably half the amount of words. So, it would seem it’s either my stories or my nails. I can’t have both. I choose my stories. They don’t fade, they don’t break, they don’t cost me money beyond the start-up. jamberry-nails-4

So, my dear friends with GORGEOUS nails, don’t mind the drool as I fawn all over yours. One day, when I have the money and the time to learn how to type with nails, I’ll get my own set. Until then, paint well, my friends! 


Drawing a Blank on facebook

fbMy friends are pretty damn witty. They post the most hilarious one-liners, cartoons, quips, quotes on facebook. I spend the first few moments upon waking each morning reading and laughing along. Then it’s my turn, and I click my cursor on my status update and… nothing. I got NOTHING. How can this be? I’m a writer. It’s what I do. I have a clever wit, too, like my friends. Each morning, though, I’m faced with updating the world as to how it’s going in my life, or saying something that will elicit  friendly interaction, and I go blank.

So, I find others’ postings that I like and share on my wall. Quotes, cartoons, videos. But I’d really like to share the oddball, crazy, funny things that happen to me over the course of the day. Thing is, those types of things have to actually happen. My life is not filled with hilarity on a daily basis, although it is a happy life I live. I’d love to share the hilarious conversations I have on occasion with my daughters, but they never happen as neat and tidy as other people who post the funny things their children say. Dare I actually edit the conversation for the purposes of facebook to make it sound better, more fluid? I usually opt for saying no. I‘ve chosen not to post pictures of my kids to protect their anonymity, so there goes a bunch of opportunities to post something interesting, that is, unless I take to photographing the backs of their heads all the time. If I share my opinion on a hot topic, I could get roasted at the stake. I’m not a fan of making enemies. I’m a peacemaker by nature. 

There’s a reason I’m a fiction writer. I wake up, go to work, come home. We don’t have extra money floating around to go and experience the world around us like we’d like, so it limits my worldly exploits to share and remark upon. So, how do my friends do this day after day, multiple times a day? How do they come up with facebook status updates that grab my attention and make me interact? 

I’m not asking to become one of  “those” people, who post when they’ve taken a shower, or clipped their toenails. I don’t think people want to know when I’m going food shopping and what I bought, or that I sneezed five times in a row. I want to find that sweet spot of facebook posts that comes from my own brain and brings people together to talk and laugh. If anyone finds that sweet spot for me, would you kindly post it on my facebook wall?


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The Angel Has Risen!


It’s finally happened! ANGEL RISING is complete! From the moment this story was a simple seed of an idea, I knew that it would be epic and need to be broken into two books. ANGEL RISING BOOK ONE, released September 8th, and today, the duet is complete with the release of ANGEL RISING BOOK TWO.

 This latest Brethren story actually began years ago with the release of TRINITY. Hannah Livingston was just a little girl at that time, but had a huge fate awaiting her. ANGEL RISING brings us to the present, with her about to turn 36 years old and…immortal, with very special gifts. Of course, what would her life be without the most infamous evil that ever existed stalking her? That’s right. Satan’s back and wants her powers, the world, everything. Enter Gabriel Seeker, Brethren Protector. An angel destined to be her sole protector and soul protector, but with major issues of his own. A tragic past has held him captive to recurring episodes of horrifying memories.

Now, for the first time, you can read TRINITY and ANGEL RISING together, without the wait! Or, you could always read the series in order:

ELIXXIR (if desired, read Nathanael’s Hunt first)

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 How do you tell a girl who wants to find a monster that you turn into a skunk?


Her Sexy Skunk

5 Flames

Coming September 25, 2014

Find it on Goodreads here:


Christine Jarrods wants to be a writer of paranormal young adult fiction so she’s pursuing a degree in English. By day, she tackles Chaucer. By night, she stalks the streets looking for something magical to inspire her muse. Finding a thread that suggests one of her profs might be some flavor of shifter, she decides to dig…even though she’s been warned to let it go.


Oliver Standish has a secret. Like a lot of guys his age, he’s scraping by, delivering pizzas, trying to pay off loans from a failed attempt at school, and crushing on Chrissy—the one that got away in high school. Only his family knows he’s also trying to deal with being a shifter…he sure can’t tell Chrissy. With her fascination with magic, he knows she’d want to know more about it—but how do you tell a girl who wants to find a monster that you change into a skunk?




About the Author

Virginia Nelson believed them when they said, “Write what you know.” Small town girl writing small town romance, her characters are as full of flaws, misunderstandings, and flat out mistakes as Virginia herself. When she’s is not writing or plotting to take over the world, she likes to hang out with the greatest kids in history, play in the mud, drive far too fast, and scream at inanimate objects. Virginia likes knights in rusted and dinged up armor, heroes that snarl instead of croon, and heroines who can’t remember to say the right thing even with an author writing their dialogue. Her books are full of snark, sex, and random acts of ineptitude—not always in that order.


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IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT cover reveal… Taryn Kincaid






Derek Dunne is a Cordon Bleu-trained food critic for the  prestigious  New York Monitor, whose scathing review of a popular Italian bistro has driven away all but the most loyal neighborhood patrons.

Lucrezia  Serafina  DiCicco  is  a  clumsy  business  school  drop-out,working as a chef and scrambling to keep her family’s restaurant afloat,after her father develops diabetes and is banned from his kitchen for his own good.

Now, with  The Monitor folding, Derek is searching for his next career path  and  longing  to  get  back  to  his  first  love—cooking—while  Lu  is desperate for an influx of cash to save the struggling restaurant…even as her father puts his foot down about non-family employees.

Derek  and  Lu embark  on  a  marriage  of  inconvenience  to save  the restaurant. But can Lu ever really trust the man who nearly destroyed her family, once noted her initials spelled “LSD,” and her food was like a “bad trip?”

Or will it be their hearts on the chopping block? 



Me and Cap (3)Taryn Kincaid is a former award-winning reporter and columnist, covering everything from fires and homicides, to corrupt politicians and hero dogs. Nowadays, she haunts courthouses. Taryn reads all genres and writes erotic paranormal, contemporary and historical romance.

She is the author of the Sleepy Hollow series–LIGHTNING,THUNDER,FROST,HEAT WAVE and IN FROM THE COLD — sexy paranormal romances for Decadent Publishing’s popular 1Night Stand series; BLIZZARD, a short erotic romance for Decadent’s The Edge line; HEALING HEARTS, a Regency romance from Carina Press, and SLEEPY HOLLOW DREAMS, an erotic paranormal romance from The Wild Rose Press. Books 1-4 of her Sleepy Hollow series, plus BLIZZARD, have been compiled in the SLEEPY HOLLOW edition, available in paperback and digital formats.

Coming February 24, 2015 from Fated Desires Publishing, IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT, a contemporary foodie romance.

Visit Taryn at:



Twitter: @tarynkincaid

Facebook Profile:

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