Testing, testing… Can You Hear Me Now?

And so it begins, the ritual all students fear on a yearly basis – standardized testing! Today is when I get to walk around my classroom with tape over my lips, monitoring the students for three hours while they pour their hearts and souls into a writing prompt that could dry up the Pacific Ocean. God bless them all for trying!

I’ve done the best  I could to help them help themselves and be as successful as they possibly can. In the silence so deafening you could hear a pin drop, most will hear me in their heads, coaching them all along the way. Others, well, as in real life, no matter who tells them what, no matter what advice is given, when push comes to shove, they fall back on old habits.

“Indent! Remember your writing conventions! Don’t forget to write your thesis statement! Whatever the topic is, do your best to make a connection so that you can actually enjoy the writing ! Oh, you couldn’t hear me? The highest stakes ever are in the way? Testing, testing, can you hear me now?”


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