Tapping Into My Inner Child

So I started poetry writing yesterday with my students. We’re reading Maya Angelou, awesome. The kids get her. Awesome some more. Today I introduced them to A Window to My Soul, a writing project.

 I read two former students’ poems and my kids were blown away. We discussed and analyzed them. Then I read them mine, and again, they were amazed. But one would expect that, given the fact I am a teacher. However, when I told them to stop thinking of the poet as a teacher and think of her as a girl their own age, they were floored. I had told them that when I wrote the poem, I tapped into memories of being in fifth and sixth grade and how it felt to be me at that time. They analyzed my poem and were able to describe the injured soul I was back then to a tee.

And then they started writing.

One  former student’s poem mentioned that his soul was “a world of change, for the better, for the future”. When I look at my poem, and think about the childhood memories, or nightmares I had tapped into in order to write it, I can see how much my soul has changed over the years, for the better, for my present and future. The proof is in this blog. It is a window of sorts to my soul. And I plan on keeping it open.


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