The heartbone’s connected to the tech bone..

I’m a flawed human. And one of my flaws is communication, of all things! As bad as it sounds, out of sight out of mind was  the way I rolled. But when I examined why it’s been that way over the years, I realized it is more out of preservation of my aching heart rather than wanting to burn any bridges. It was easier to not think about all my friends and relatives than to feel the pain of not having them near.

As I’ve wandered through my life, the people I’ve met and I have enriched each other’s souls until it was time for one of us to move on. No harm, no foul. I look back at those relationships fondly, for they served to shape the individual I am today. But the person I am today is needy.

I need what I thought I never needed before- connections, to my past, to my people, no matter how far back or recent. What has made this so? Technology. A yearning has welled within me as I watch and listen to stories of others reconnecting with friends, past colleagues, and long-lost relatives through facebook and twitter and linkedin. A yearning to feel the richness of personal connectivity to another. A desire for the contentment one feels knowing that another is thinking about them.

And so I’ve embarked on my latest adventure, my own Odyssey, if you will, of epic proportions. I’m reaching out to old friends and colleagues, to family far, far away. I’m counting on technology to bridge the distance I allowed time to forge between us. I’m counting on technology to help soothe my aching spirit, and repair the connections that once existed.

It’s a risky endeavor, but tell me, what odyssey doesn’t have a certain amount of risk? If we don’t risk, we don’t live, we don’t feel, we don’t grow. I may be getting older, but I’m never done learning about myself, and growing into the kind of person I desire to be. Thanks to technology, it’s helping my heartbone  reconnect with others.


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