On a serious note…

I’ll be sleep walking through classes today. Our numbers are dwindling int he district, so last night and tomorrow night our sixth grade teams are hellbent on drumming up business for our school. We’ve got a lot to be proud of, no question. But this selling and marketing business is new to me. I’ve never had to sell my “wares” like this before, and it’s strange to have to start now. Selling myself as an author is one thing, but as a teacher…?

There should be no question that children get an excellent education at my school. The proof is in our excelling label, our scores, and our happy kids. And yet with the way our system is here, around March/April/May, we have to become strategists, marketing mavens, and salespeople.

Truth is, if I want to stay at my school next year two things have to happen. The sales tax vote better pass, and I better look more appealing than any other LA class in the district or out of the district. We accomplished the feat last year, and we’re hoping we can do the same this year. But what about next year, and the year after that? For 16 years my job was as secure as Fort Knox. Now, for the past three, having moved to Arizona, I’ve never been on shakier ground. And it has nothing to do with experience or expertise. Thank God I have a love and the knack for this job, and I have the respect of my colleagues and administration. It helps me face the uncertainty that is the Arizona education system.

By the way, at our 5th Grade Showcase last night, we rocked the house!


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