I’m star struck!

OMG! Have I got a story! Authors to me are like movie stars to everybody else. And I know I’m part of that pool now, BUT I can’t help it!  I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting gaga over authors who come to school, or who I meet at book signings. In fact, I’ll never forget writing my first fan letter to an author. It was a few years ago, when we first moved to Arizona. I decided to do an activity of writing to an author you consider a mentor. An activity I had already assigned to my students.

I got a response. A lovely one. And I was overjoyed. Over the past couple of years we have continued to exchange correspondence on occasion. I’ve always thought, man, this is pretty cool. He’s so down to earth and  I really respect him for keeping me , a pseudo-anonymous person, in the loop.

Well, today topped it all! I got a PERSONAL phone call from HIM. I’m not giving up his name, but I will say his book changed me as a reader and a writer. He called to tell me he was coming to Arizona, to a book store nearby and wanted to let me know. Awesome! Maybe I could tell my kids, too. Cool!

As I hyperventilated and recovered, I was filled with such joy. I can’t wait to thank him again for writing such a poignant story. I can’t wait to introduce my family to him. And I can’t wait to tell him I’ve joined the ranks. 

I may have to wear sunglasses when I meet him. The stars in my eyes are blinding…


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