It’s not the weekend…it’s a two day vacation!

You know school’s coming down to the wire when every little thing irks ya’. All the kids have to do is  breathe and you feel like jumping down their throats. And about the kids, they’ve had it , too. They’re getting on each other’s nerves, they lack focus, and it’s quite clear that they want done with school.

Well, me too. So, I decided to share with the kids a little trick of psychology I’ve used on myself for years. It helps to rejuvenate and lift the spirits. Instead of looking at Saturday and Sunday as the weekend, I call it a 2-DAY VACATION.

Just think about it. Let the words roll around your brain for a moment. Are you fed up with work right now? Can’t stand your co-workers? Don’t worry! You have a 2-DAY VACATION coming up! You see? Doesn’t that sound better? Doesn’t that make you FEEL better?  Oh, come on… you know it does. Nothing sounds better than a vacation.

I just started my 2-day vacation, and I feel glorious! I’ve got two parties to go to, and I’m gonna get all dolled up for them. And in between said parties I’ll fit in the tons of laundry and the supermarket shopping, and the writing, and …

Okay. I know it’s just the weekend and I’m deluding myself with this vacation business, but I just can’t face another plain old WEEKEND! I need me some VACA! So delusion, hit me! Make the real world just an aside to my time off.

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to tell everyone I meet over the next couple of days that I get 2 day vacations every week! Let’s see if it catches on. Who knows… maybe we can start something groovy.


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