The Supernatural Saves the Day…

Okay, so I know my novels are fiction and they have supernatural elements, but whenever possible, I want my characters to be real. So I have been struggling with resolving the chasm between my leading lady and her leading man. I mean really, there is no way in the “real” world this woman would want to forge ahead into a lasting relationship with the man she loves when she has such dire trust issues.

But alas, thank the heavens for my supernatural elements! I have found the key to their happiness! No contrivance, just a resolution justifiable with evidence from earlier statements. So now, I can hear my main characters breathe a sigh of relief. They will eventually be together, it’s just a matter of when, and how hard the road will be on their way back.

Hey, whoever said love was easy? It’s the rough patches that make it so intriguing and compelling, yet undeniable and unshakable.


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