Rock on, ladies!

I was thinking about my ladies today, and I must apologize to them. I haven’t paid them too much attention here. But ladies, your day has come! What made me think of my leading ladies today was how feisty I have been lately.

With what’s been going on in education, and the impact it will have on me and my friends, it’s hard not to get a little Norma Rae channeled through me. After all, I’ve been away from NJ, where my union was strong before I left. I felt I had a voice. I had balls!

And so do my leading women. Of course, they need rescuing on occasion, but they can sure stand strong when they’ve had enough. Emma’s strength comes courtesy of me being a mom. She’s a single one, and her shackles raise, just like mine do, when she feels her child’s welfare is threatened. There is no reasoning with a mother at that point. She just goes for the jugular. Serena’s strength is based on a dear friend’s ability to pick herself up from the boot straps and fight on no matter what crap gets loaded in her lap. She is quite successful, in my eyes, and I look to her as a role model. Both of my leading ladies are beautiful, independent, headstrong, and fighting to maintain control.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to recognize my ladies. I wanted to tell them, “Rock on, sisters! You’re doing great! I’m proud of you both!” Now If only I could look as good as you two…


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