Hurts so good…

So yesterday, I’m about to write the climax of my second novel, and I’ve got to make it hurt real good. So very sorry Serena, but to get to your happy ending, IT GONNA HURT, A LOT. Now when I started writing, it was a glorious, brilliantly sunny day out.  The suns rays filtered through my blinds. It was just heavenly! For a walk in the park, maybe. Not so much for sadistic battery and a slow, painful death. So, I did what any sensible person would do. I decided to put off writing until dark!

Everyone had gone to bed, and I stayed in the living room, alone, with one light on and shadows all around. I was feeling the mood. I entered the zone, the EVIL zone. I like going there in my writing sometimes, because it is obviously not my normal way of thinking. It’s definitely a challenge, but I just tap into the variety of books and movies I ‘ve experienced and get creative with ways to make my main characters’ lives miserable for a while. It makes me feel creepy, and I love that I can become creepy or sensual or funny whenever the story calls for it.

And it’s all good, mind you. So don’t worry. Everything  turns out all right in the end. But it sure is a hell of a lot of fun putting my main characters through the wringer first!


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