Writus Interruptus

He reaches out and grabs her thick mane of hair to pull her closer, closer. She licks her lips in heated anticipation for the one thing she’d been longing for for months, his… “Mom! Can I go over Susie’s house? And can you take me?”

What?! Did my closed door not send a clear message that I was not to be disturbed? Did my look of death not warn her either? Looks like my character’s going to be waiting a bit longer for that… what was it she had been waiting for? Damn! Writus interruptus, again!

It’s hard starting my writing career with two busy children – a preteen and a teenager. Their lives are one big soap opera that keeps my head shaking, and then remembering that when I was their age, it was the same. But writing my novels requires solitude, isolation for at least a couple of hours at a time for it to make any kind of sense.

But Youngest needs to be driven to Susie’s house, and Eldest needs new sandals. We’ll buy them later, dear. And my door closes, for the fifth time.

She licks her lips in heated anticipation for the one thing she’d been longing for for months, his kiss. There was an instantaneous explosion of heat and… “Mom! Will you tell her not to talk to me that way? She’s being mean again!”
“Stop being mean to your sister.  And close the door on your way out!”

Two minutes later, the door opens again. “Honey, check out this sale they’re having at Walgreens.”

Are you kidding me?

 Now you must know I love my family fiercely, and I ‘d do anything for them. In fact I’ve become a tumbling and cheerleading fanatic! But really y’all. What is it going to take to get a little uninterrupted “me” time? I just want to be ignored for a couple of hours each day. That’s all.  So I don’t have to quickly close my laptop when Youngest comes barging in while I’m writing a love scene. How embarrassing!

Now, where was I before writus interruptus? Oh yes, the kiss…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    Ya’ know, my sister had a horrendous looking stuffed tomato she set outside the door. If the tomato was out, do NOT disturb mom. Just an idea.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks for the advice! I’ve since gotten a door hanger. NO LUCK! Maybe a scary looking stuffed animal is just the ticket…

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