“And if your friends jumped off a bridge…”

Oh my gosh! I’m being haunted by my mother’s words, again! But it’s worse than them following me around my house, intruding on my daily life and conversations with my children. Dear Lord, they are haunting me at work, too!
So THIS time, I’m talking to a kid at school about why he chose to follow the pack and bully another kid. He gives me a lame excuse, and do you have any idea what falls out of my mouth? “Oh, so if your friends jumped off a bridge, you’d jump, too?”

Can you believe it?!

So, of course, I got the same answer I gave my mother a million times, “No.”


Needless to say, I got nowhere with this kid. No surprise there. I sounded just like his mother or father. I’m not supposed to be like them. I’m supposed to be cool! I’m supposed to reach them in ways that parents can’t. I’m in between a friend and a parent. I’m a “frarent”. And I let the boy down.

Sorry! Let’s rewind and I promise to do it better this time. In fact, I’ll do it so much better, that you’ll believe in my words, know that I care about you, and make better choices from now on.

Now, if only my own kids weren’t immune to my teacher-talk! No matter what I say or how I say it, I have come to the realization that I will always be MOM. Any words of wisdom that come out of my mouth are wasted on their precious ears. BECAUSE I’M MOM AND I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. I could have signed affidavits from all of my students swearing I know what I’m talking about. But it wouldn’t do any good. Because I’m MOM.

Damn it.  Maybe I’ll go jump off a bridge. Anyone coming?


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  1. Judy says:

    LOL!! It’s kind of pointless isn’t it? Jumping only makes a mess someone else has to clean up. I understand that it’s simply a parent thing, that children will grow out of, when they’re adults. Hang in there! My sister likes to say “A million lemmings can be wrong.”

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I forgot about the mess. And let me tell ya’ my kids are not good cleaner-uppers. Jeez! Can’t win for losin’! Guess I’ll have to use another cliche my mother taught me…

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