You mean I have to leave a tip?!

God bless Eldest and give me strength to see her through her teens! Yesterday was a pivotal point in our relationship. She asked to go to her friend’s house with a bunch of other friends when school let out. Fine, no problem. Then she said they wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch. So what do I ask her?
Any parents going?
What does she say?
Hmmm. I bite my lip, consider how old I was when I first went solo with friends to lunch at a restaurant, took a DEEP breath and said…
Sure! (With one of those pasted on smiles you can get from a party store.)
I gave her money, said goodbye for the day, and headed to work. Then it dawned on me. She’s going to a restaurant! Alone, with friends! Does she even have the fainted clue how to navigate that without her parents? I don’t know! And now I’m hyperventillating over visions of her and her friends being held up by the police for rude behavior and not leaving a tip. So I call her when I know she’ll be there. SO GLAD I DID!
I ask, “How are things going? Are you doing separate checks?”
She says, “Fine. Uh, I don’t know, wait…” (She asks her friends.) “Yes.”
So I say encouragingly, “Good! Now do you know what to do about the tip?”
She replies,”You mean I have to leave a tip?!”
I say, “Uh yeah!” And I proceed to give her a lesson on tipping, and thanked God I was overprotective and called her. Well, she calls me later and goes through everything with me, and you know what? Eldest is a good egg. When she figured the tip, she determined it really wasn’t enough for how good the waitress was, so she left more. Now that’s something to talk about.
Here’s a tip for myself: Don’t worry so much, Eldest is an awesome girl, but still call!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    Good for her!!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Yeah, could it be she’s actually … dare I say… maturing?!

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