HGTV Gods, hear my prayers!

I love my house. When we first saw it three years ago, we knew it was the one for us. Even though it was trashed, and the carpet needed to be taken out by  HAZMAT, and the hole in the wall needed to be repaired, and the windows needed replacing, and the hot water heater was just daring us to take a shower, and the landscaping, well there was none, and… okay, we were desperate and saw the place through VERY rose-colored glasses. My husband and I are famous for seeing the potential in things. So what’s the problem with that?

I’ll tell you. When you don’t have money to reach that potential, it’s a problem! We’ve since replaced the hot water heater and the carpet, and fixed the hole in the wall. But the stuff that makes a home pretty, like landscaping and window treatments, are still on the back burner.

So every time I go out back and watch Youngest swim in the pool, I am filled with grand imaginings. My favorite one is that one of the HGTV shows hears about our dump of a backyard and comes to beautify it, free of charge! We would help with the extreme makeover, of course, cutting wood, hauling rock, planting desert plants and flowers, while the stars would implement the most exquisite design. Sounds great, right?

Okay, I’m back from my delusion now, and all I see are rocks and weeds. Disgusting! I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but let me tell you, weeds appear that quickly! My kids used to have a fabulous back yard and I feel horrible that all they have now is  a pool. Hey, nothing against it, we love it! But you know what? That needs an overhauling, too!

So, I thought I’d start praying to the HGTV  makeover Gods and see if one would throw us a bone. You never know, Arizona has beautiful weather for working outdoors. And what of the heat? It’s a dry heat…


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  1. amberscottproject says:

    I hear you on the landscaping, Deena! Where’s the oasis, right? HGTV gets me drooling all the time with their curb appeal and backyard as a room shows.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      And don’t we live in the perfect climate for those fabulous outdoor rooms? Hmmm… now where did I put those rose-colored glasses anyway?

  2. Judy says:

    I’m always amazed and impressed by the brave souls who take on a fixer-upper. As to the landscaping, I’ve little gift in that direction, though I could donate blackberry bushes that thrive in Arizona. A different kind of weed? With wicked thorns, but the berries really are yummy.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Aren’t you sweet, literally! I’ll let you know when we’re ready, and then, I’d love a little blackberry bush. I think the kids would enjoy picking them like they used to back east…

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