Are You a Player?

I love playing games as much as the next person. In fact, growing up, we didn’t need any commercial telling us to have a family game night, because there were many evenings when we would spontaneously break open a game of Rummie Cub, Mah Jong, cards, Scrabble, or Monopoly. Yes, the family actually sat down and played games together without being prompted by a game company looking to stir up some business.

Then the arcades became huge, with video games and pinball. I love pinball! Video games, not so much. I feel  a disconnect with them, and I”m not sure why. With pinball games, I love the simplicity of slamming a ball into something and hearing bells and whistles go off. There’s live action and tension with every game.

These days,  we have Internet games to play. Bejeweled is the only one I can truly say I’m addicted to. I love hearing the loud explosions when jewels blow up, and only having a minute on the Facebook application fills me with the same tension I feel when playing pinball.

Since I’ve entered the Facebook zone I must say I’m a bit overwhelmed and puzzled by all these “ville” games. I see people plowing and harvesting crops,  walking through towns chatting it up with others, saving poor defenseless animals, finding treasures, and more. My very own husband is currently in a Mafia War. (I don’t ask. He doesn’t tell.) I’ve been asked on many occasions to accept gifts and give one back.

SO, I decided to join in on what looked like a lot of fun.

God help me! I’m so confused! I don’ t know what the hell I’m doing! I joined Farmville, but now I’ve realized I’m responsible for tending to a farm, besides keeping up with my real household chores and my real writing, and chauffeuring my real kids around, and… I’ve lost that loving feeling for games because I’m so damn stressed out about tending to my freaking farm and offending people when they gift me something and I’m supposed to gift them back and the whole process is very confusing to me so most of the time I ignore the requests! Arghh! Ooh, I bet there’s a pirate game I could join. Then my “arghh” would come in handy!

I realize these games are really great networking tools, but shouldn’t I be having just a little bit of fun, too? Well, I’m not. So I’m giving them up, and hope all of you who do play these wonderful games understand, forgive, and accept my shortcoming.

I’m just a simple pinball player. Are you a player?

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  1. Andrea Manni says:

    How funny! I am addicted to CafeWorld on facebook. I love it because it is so easy to keep up with, but hate it because Ken (my boyfriend) and I are in a cafe-war! I am so close to his score, yet so far. I need to find some other way to spend my time 🙂

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Read “Fogging Up the Windows”… I think it will get your creative juices flowing! LOL

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