Those who love criticism… enter here

I must be a masochist. Truly, because twenty years ago I chose a field to go into that paid poorly, had a bad reputation, and promised daily criticism from parents, principals, and peers. Yes, twenty years ago I became a teacher, and have loved practically every minute of it! But who else other than a masochist would subject themselves to this kind of daily abuse?

Ohhh… a writer! Darn it. I did it again! I chose another field to go into that could be as potentially abusive as teaching. I must be nuts. No, just passionate about what I do. But the parallels are stunning. I’m passionate about teaching kids and nurturing their souls. I’m passionate about writing and learning all I can about the business and the craft. I give constructive criticism when I conference with each student. I get criticism from everyone who reads my work. Some kids can’t handle it as well as others, and I must treat them just a bit differently. And that’s where the likeness ends, because criticism in this field is handed out generously, with little or no regard for who’s receiving it. So we must grow tough shells in order to withstand the potential flogging.

I’ve got my armor in place. How about you? I stand tall and fearless against the Mighty Rejection Letter! I’ll just query another, I say. But what about when my books do get sold? I must steel myself against the lashing from the Mighty Red Pen of the editor! Yes, I can change that, sure no problem. And then… it’s the Mighty Fearsome Critics! Thick skin, thick skin, Deena. Okay, show me the reviews. I have installed bullet-proof eyes. Lukewarm reviews will bounce right off of me.

Who am I kidding? As a teacher, and a writer, I put my character on the judge’s stand everyday. I bare my soul and heart everyday, leaving them open to ridicule. No armor, no shield is completely  impervious to the sting.

BUT, to be honest here, as a teacher, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful reputation, and as such, have received very few wounds over the years. As a writer, it remains to be seen. All I can do is write from the heart, use my skills to make my work polished, and pray that what I have to say connects with other’s souls in the best way possible.

As for criticism, I love it! Bring it on! Show me where I need to grow, tell me where I shine! And then I’ll be the best damned writer I can be.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amber Scott Project says:

    I love your bring it on attitude! And if it ever rains down too hard, know you’ve got us to pick you up and dust you off.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I shall keep you in my pocket forever! Your friendship is golden…

  2. Judy says:

    My sister recently graduated as a photographer. Her mentor told her seek out her greatest critics because they were the ones who would teach her to see things she hadn’t seen before. Those who love you see what you do. The critics broaden your horizons. Some of my best writing was when my editing partner would tweak what I had written. But it wasn’t what I meant, so I’d re-write it. We’d go back and forth and what came of it was always better than I imagined it could be. We live on opposite sides of the country so she never heard me grumbling. And it doesn’t mean I like criticism, only that I understand the value. 🙂

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Wise, wise words, my friend. How boring to be perfect. It leaves no room for discourse. It stalls our imagination and ability to grow.

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