Mama ain’t so bad…

I have spent years making sure my kids’ sleeping schedules were adhered to, their meals balanced, their clothing adorable and appropriate. But I must admit to breaking my own rules on occasion.

First, hubby and I have a rule about not eating in the family room. But I can’t help but let them eat popcorn while watching movies. I mean really, how can you watch a movie without popcorn?! Then, I know kids need consistent bedtimes, but when summer hit, I threw that one out the window. After all, would they be able to see the meteor shower if I stuck to their bedtimes? Nope, not one meteor would be seen, and this is an incredible event. As for their clothing, uh, Eldest wears the latest fashion. Do I really need to say any more? Okay, I will. Not much is appropriate these days for teenagers to wear. Let me put your mind at ease. She is NOT dressing like a sleaze! But she has a figure that I would just as soon cover up with a sack. lol

 The blog below is proof I am not alone in being a  “bad” mama sometimes.  How about you?


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