Brethren Beginnings- Number 5 Gabriel’s Story, cont.

It’s here! Number 5! Caleb’s fearing for his life now that he’s decided to leave “the business”…


      { Caleb paced the floor of his living room, flipping his cell phone open and closed every few minutes. He checked the time. It was seven o’clock in the evening, two minutes later than it was when he checked his watch two minutes ago. Stir-crazy didn’t even begin to describe how freaked out he was at this point. He’d been waiting it seemed like hours, though it had only been one since he’d left Gabriel his dire plea for protection.
          Had Gabriel gotten his message? Maybe his voicemail wasn’t working. Not likely. Maybe he was in a dead zone for cell service. Not likely, either. Maybe, Caleb decided, I should just chill out… }

To read the rest of this chapter, click Number 5, on the left sidebar. 🙂

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