What if REAL LIFE were a musical?

I was sitting on the couch watching Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam with Youngest and it reminded me of the hilarious conversation we had the last time we watched a musical on TV.

The whole family was together watching HS Musical when Eldest came up with a brilliant statement: Have you noticed, that  in a musical, someone is happy and then he’s got to sing about it. Or someone is angry and she bursts into song. Or people are sad, and they run off to sing a sad song. What if we did that in real life?

 Imagine this. You’re heading to work in your car and there’s an accident slowing things down. Oh, my gosh! What ever are you going to do? Why, of course, you get out of your car and break into a spontaneous song about it. Soon, other people get out of their cars and join in. In fact, at this point everyone breaks out in a synchronized dance. Then, as the song ends,  everyone returns to their cars to find the accident has cleared, and acts as though the song and dance never happened.

Silly, I know. But now,  every time we notice a musical on TV, my family jokes around: Hey, Mom? I can’t go to the mall? I’m so mad I think I’ll run off and sing about it!  Dad! I’m so excited that you can take me to Polar Ice. Let’s sing about it as we put on our ice skates !

If  REAL LIFE were a musical, what daily events would you like to sing and dance about?



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  1. Judy says:

    Recipes that turn out definitely deserve a song. So does finishing work every day! Not to mention the end of a workout. 🙂

  2. deenaremiel says:

    So, maybe a campy song like, “I did it! I did it! I made a yummy dish… la la la la….” while you whisk it to the table to feed your hungry friends.
    After your workout, I could see you dancing and singing your way to the bathroom, maybe a little tap dance in the shower that sprays up water in homage to Singin’ in the Rain… 🙂

    1. Judy says:

      Love Singin’ In the Rain!! Make ‘Em laugh… my all time favorite musical.

  3. Anna McGrady says:

    Three of my friends are writing, composing, and producing a musical about this exact thing! It’s called “Musical: The Online Musical” and they’re producing it in 10 minute segments each week on Monday at 8pm and on Tuesday and Wednesday viewers respond back via video messages, emails, and comments about what they want to see happen next. Everyone behind the scenes and in front of the camera are University of Virginia students. The jist of the show is that it’s about a boy who realizes that his whole life is a musical, but he’s the only one who knows. When he tells everyone else, the town falls into ruin because no one can remember their lines or songs. Check it out and participate!

    Here’s the promo video, look for the first episode on Monday at 8!!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Sounds like a riot, Anna! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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