Wednesday Witticisms: Excuses, Excuses

With many friends on the NaNoWriMo hunt this month, I’ve been hearing many cheers. You’ve been hitting your word counts! Way to go! I’ve also heard a lot of delaying tactics from some genius procrastinators. So, in honor of all you NanNoWriMo lunatics out there, I am presenting you with a list of excuses you can use if you don’t quite reach your goal at the end of the month. Don’t worry, there aren’t 50,000 of them!

1. My pet gerbils had babies, and they used my computer to make a nest.

2. I was kidnapped by terrorists and they only just let me go, so I didn’t have time to do it.

3. We couldn’t afford to pay our electric bill this month so I couldn’t turn on the computer.

4. Someone stole my idea and I didn’t have time to think of another.

5. The kids used up all the paper we had, and when I went to write on a paper towel, my pencil broke and we don’t have a pencil sharpener.

 6. All my pens have run out of ink.

7. I didn’t finish it because I didn’t want the other authors to look bad.

8. I just needed one more day!

9. Oh! It was supposed to be 50, 000 words… not 5,000? My bad.

Happy Wednesday!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amber Scott says:

    Well, I guess that leaves me no excuses left.
    Oh, wait, I remember one more!
    My dog ate my plotline.

  2. deenaremiel says:

    Dude! I was gonna say that! But I only had nine spots. lol
    Come on folks! Add your excuses right here! 😉

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