What’s happening in ROOM 147? Andy knows…

Hi, everyone!  Andy Southwood came over to PlotMamas on Monday and I couldn’t let him leave without visiting over here, as well. He had to cross a big pond to get here, you know. Wink, wink. You guessed it! He’s actually from the UK – England to be exact. So, I want to make the most of his trip. I love making friends from all over the world. And Andy is sure to become your friend as well. So, without further ado, here’s our talk over tea and strumpets… I mean CRUMPETS! Tea and Crumpets!  

First of all, Andy, I’d like to know what got you interested in writing steamy, hot romances. I mean, the majority of authors writing romances are women.

I have a polluted imagination and figured it should be put to use, by writing stories that women love to read.

Which character(s) in your novel, Room 147, will tell us who you are? And if they won’t, why don’t you tell us about you, what led you to this point in your life, and where you see yourself headed.

The main ‘man’ character in Room 147 is called Matt. He resembles me to the extent that he joins social networking sites with a view to promoting his business. He also has a very polluted imagination.

A polluted imagination, eh? Well now, you must tell us a bit about this novel, Room 147.

Matt, from London, has a photography business to promote online. He joins social networking sites, aiming to reach out to his intended audience. It was through one of these that he meets Mary Lou from Texas.

After several months chatting with her, he decides to abandon Britain for a few weeks and visit his new friend. She is still rebuilding her life, following a bitter divorce. In Matt, she believes a new man has come into her world, better than any man before.

What Matt fails to tell her is that he has a hidden motive for visiting America. Whilst in Dallas he also meets Mary Lou’s friends, Carla and Brandi. He becomes inadvertently involved in numerous steamy scenes and some near misses.

A story of deceit and betrayal begins to unfold, culminating in scornful revenge and injustice.

There’s nothing like a woman scorned and the revenge that is wrought! Sounds fantastic, Andy! So, where can folks find you on the Internet? And most importantly, where can we buy your novel,  ROOM 147?



*** Signed copies are available to buy direct from me in England. Will write a loving message with the signature *** To buy a copy direct, please email me at room.147@hotmail.co.uk. I’ll need your email address, so that Paypal can email the buyer the payment authorization details.

Andy, what’s your latest WIP?

It’s called Dark Secrets. The story is of two women (Crystal and Monica) from New York that spend a vacation in Paris. Crystal meets a man called Hugh. She goes to his apartment and enjoys a romantic evening, until Hugh turns weird. The same man subsequently has a romantic encounter with Monica. He has a hidden agenda which comes to light half-way through the vacation.  

Can you give us a little snippet? Pleeease?

When Crystal, from New York, wins first prize in a draw she anticipates having the time of her life in Paris. Rather than take her husband, she chooses her best friend, Monica. Together they plan a vacation to remember.

On their second day in France, Crystal has a chance encounter with a depressed man called Hugh. She falls for his pitiful tales and agrees to go to his apartment, but only for a chat. While she’s there the naughty girl within her decides to come out and play. Hugh takes advantage of her trusting nature, determined to succeed with his secret agenda.

Crystal’s wonderful vacation soon descends into a living hell. What she doesn’t realise is that Monica too is no longer enjoying her visit to Europe. Both women receive separate and unwelcome deliveries to their hotel, prompting them into taking desperate action to prevent catastrophic disasters from destroying their marriages.

A story of revenge and counter-revenge begins to unfold, but ultimately more than one man deserves to be punished.

Two women and one guy… Sounds like you have some pretty hot fantasies! But seriously, what are the challenges you face as a writer?

That’s an easy one to answer – trying to balance the demands of supporting a family, holding down a job and finding time to write filthy stories.

 I think most of us can agree with those challenges, as well. What has been the highest point for you so far in your career?

Easy. The positive reviews received for Room 147.

Fantastic! And now, I hope you don’t mind playing a little game. 😉  Please fill-in the blanks of these five statements:

 1. To  write disgustingly dirty novels  is my mission in life . 

2. Don’t be shy, be a filthy paperback writer.   

3. All foreplay and not enough sex  makes for a boring novel.

4. If you  can’t laugh, then you can’t be serious.

5. If at first you succeed, then brag about it from the highest mountain.

Andy, you are a total riot, and I love ya’! Thanks for coming to my place today. I wish you all the success with ROOM 147 and  Dark Secrets. 


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