{ TODAY IS THE DAY! THE SKATE /WALK  AT TUMBLEWEED PARK AND PARTY AT THE PHOENIX PUBLIC LIBRARY ARE HERE! Here is a re-posting of the information and how you can help even if you’re unable to attend.}

This year’s skate is only the beginning.  Penny and Tim and I and my mother have already decided that we’re going to make this an annual event.  Next year we want to move the skate up to October – Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.  And all of the benefits will still go to the fight against domestic abuse.  I’m on a crusade. A life long crusade.  I have a purpose.  To help protect other battered women, as I should have protected myself.  To give them the chance to come out of hiding, raise their faces to the sun, and feel the warmth that emanates all around us from the hearts and souls of good and loving people.

 There’s still time to be a part of this great event.  To sponsor a skater/walker or to register, just click here:  Or show up tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th, at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler Arizona at 7:00 am for on site registration.

 And don’t forget to come to the PARTY!!  If you’re in Phoenix, we’ll be at the Burton Barr Library Auditorium on Saturday, December 4th from 1 – 3, and honestly, everyone is welcome.  Just show up and come on in!  We’ve got two hundred free copies of one of The Chapman File Books to give away.  A hundred coupons to Buca di Bepo.  Goodies from Romantic Times and HCI books.  And we’ll be giving away door prizes throughout the entire two hours.  You get a ticket, for free, just for walking in the door and you’ll be entered to win baskets of autographed books, Christmas baskets, facials, a Kobo e-reader, and more!  We’re having Christmas music and goodies to eat and the guest of honor, Sandra Ramos, founder of the nation’s first battered women’s shelter will be with us, sharing words of inspiration and hope.  Local authors will be there to visit and share their wisdom. 

 And for those of you who can’t make it to Phoenix, your party is going to be great, too!  Coming live from the Burton Barr Library Auditorium, we’ll be at  Enter the forum and your name is dropped in the hat for the door prize giveaways – just as if you were with us in Phoenix.  And Blog tour participants – for every single time you’ve commented on the blog, you’ll have an additional entry!  We’ll be entertaining you with wit, relaying speeches, and including you in the door prize announcements.  We’ll also being sharing tidbits from the cyber party forum on the PA system at Burton Barr.

One more thing…Tim and I are donating 5 cents for every retail sale of The Fourth Victim in the month of December to Strengthen our Sisters and so MIRA added a little more incentive to the deal.  Print the coupon for a $ saving coupon good wherever paperback books are sold!

This post is brought to you as part of The Chapman Files International Blog Tour. Please join us in our fight against domestic abuse. In our downed economy domestic abuse has risen and the monies to help have dwindled. To donate any amount to the cause go to and click donate.

   E-books of all of The Chapman File Stories are available at


Next tour stop: Saturday, December 4, 2010. Storybroads: We hope to see you back here!


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