Ghosting Through Life, A Poem

{The phrase, ghosting through life, came to me as I sat down to write last night. I thought I’d be writing a journal-type post for today, but alas, my poetic muse struck. So here is my latest poetic addition. I hope you like it, at least a little…}



a seedling, a shadow, a whisper on the earth
ghosting through life
on the fringe
where vicariousness is opted for 
over visceral experience

safety is found behind curtained hair
mute the joy, temper the pain
silence any connection
remain a vague, wisp of a memory
receding and blending into the background

I am but a ghost

©Deena Remiel, 2010.

{Decadent Publishing is raising funds so that cancer patients and families can reach the next holiday season together. Please donate today to The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life}


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Auntie A says:

    Magnificently put, but I hope you don’t feel as though you, personally, are “ghosting through life”.

  2. deenaremiel says:

    Oh, no! I most definitely am not! lol 🙂 I just tapped into who I USED to be a long, long time ago, along with watching certain middle schoolers everyday. Some of them are truly ghosting through life. It’s those kids we have to reach before it’s too late.

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