‘Tis the season to be Decadent…

Decadent publishing

Decadent Publishing’s owners, Heather Bennett and Lisa Omstead, have created such a wonderful place for authors to thrive and READERS to read great stories and great postings about life. I wanted to spend time in this article to share with the readers out there ALL Decadent has to offer… and a lot of it is FREE!

FIRST, we have our amazing website where you can purchase wonderful works written by fantastic, talented authors. Lots of great holiday stories are there right now! Plus, there’s a FREE READ going on as well… look for Brethren Beginnings and click on the cover! Our website is…


THEN, we have our special HOLIDAY BLOG, where authors have been writing for nearly a month now about the holidays. Some have offered fresh new holiday short stories, others have shared holiday traditions, and many are pure unadulterated FUN. ALL FREE READS… AND MAJOR PRIZES ARE BEING AWARDED AS WE SPEAK! That website is:


LAST, we have our daily blog where we authors go to connect with you, our readers and let you in on who we are, what our latest projects are,show you our book trailers, and again… dish out pure, or not so pure, unadulterated FUN! Come join us everyday at this website:


FINALLY, Decadent Publishing  GIVES BACK! Every month a new book is designated READ FOR A CURE BOOK. That means all profits from sales of that book are donated to the American Cancer Society to help eradicate cancer. We are one spectacular Relay for Life team! If you would like to donate… BUY THE READ FOR A CURE BOOK ON OUR MAIN WEBSITE! Or, you can go here and be part of my team: 


Hugs and snugs,
Deena Remiel


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