Lots Going On! Don’t Miss Out!

Get ready! Get set! GO! We’re off and running here and it looks like we have a winning run on our hands. More like RUN DEVIL RUN! I’m sure you’ve heard about the band that’s featured in Decadent Publishing’s new Paranormal Rock and Romance Series. You can buy the first book now, Share Your Soul, and get a free download of the song that goes with it from Run Devil Run. Run over here…


Share Your Soul

And THEN, Decadent Publishing Author will be at Coffeetime Romance all day tomorrow , Feb 1, chatting and posting, and there are AMAZING prizes to be had. Please come and  join in the party.This link will get you there…






Also FEB 2nd, I am visiting with Clarissa Yip at the Romance Author Hotspot! Tons of fun going on over at her “house”! She loves a party! And I’ve got a fun post for you to read. Come join the party here…


AND THEN, I am a featured author over at The Romance Studio for February! Whoo hoo! Come see what I’m dishing over there. AND you can chat with Decadent Authors on FEB 2nd as well…



FINALLY, I am serving up a 3-WAY THURSDAY at Daily Dose of Decadence on FEB 3rd! You definitely want to read this blog post! Catch it here…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    Great interview at Romance Studio!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks so much, Judy! I’m so thrilled about it! And tonight, I’m posting all night at Coffeetime Romance! Tomorrow Clarissa yip’s Romance Author Hotspot! Whoo!

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