To have a Muse, or not to have a Muse… that is the question

That is what I’m talking about at Clarissa Yip’s Romance Author Hotspot today! Her place is one big party, so come on over and let me know what YOU think about Muses. One lucky commenter will win a Starbucks Giftcard! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruth says:

    Muse doesn’t have an email address ~ friends do.
    Muse doesn’t give you a hug ~ friends do.
    Muse doesn’t laugh their heads off with you ~ friends do.
    Friends can bounce off ideas ~ tell you to sit down and write ~ or any of those things that fickled muse can do. I recommend a friend… Besides I have had those imaginary people in my life and they can really interfere with progress.

  2. Deena Remiel says:

    I ADORE you , Ruth! All very valid points, to which I respond with a hearty, “Whew!”

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