JM Madden gets inspired by handcuffs!

Inspiration in Cuffs

I’ve been asked where I got the idea for my debut book Second Time Around, and honestly, it was easy. Past experience. I was a deputy sheriff for nine years, and during that time I ran into many different, crazy, sometimes dangerous situations. I worked night shift for a long time, and let me tell you, you would not believe some of the things you see.

Drunks were an every night occurrence. You quickly learned who the mean drunks were in your town, and which ones you could joke around with. You learned that when they got a funny look on their face, you better dance to keep your boots out of the puke. I know, gross right? You learned which drunks liked to fight, too, because when their name was called out on the radio, officers ran hot to back you up.

I worked in the jail for several years, usually in booking because I was a supervisor, so I got pretty good at fighting. Well, I got used to it anyway. I remember two fights I took part in while I was six months pregnant with my son. Scary, but it had to be done.

Then there were the crazies that came in. They were actually fun, sometimes. One lady had to be placed in a restraint chair, and she told me she bought helicopter parts for the government, and that if I didn’t let her out of the chair, she was going to crash a helicopter on me. Yeah, okay lady. One gentleman came in and tried to commit suicide by flushing his head in the commode. No lie. The suicide attempt was fake, of course, and even he laughed about the incident later.

On the road, alarm calls were also something you had to respond to every night. More times than not, it was a glitch in the system, or a branch hit a window, or something stupid. But you had to respond as if somebody’s life were in danger.

Second Time Around was easy to write, because it was so true to me. This is the blurb:

Officer Shane Caldwell responds to a routine end of shift call with some annoyance, but when she tackles and handcuffs her ex-lover and the father of her son, things turn hot in a flash. Four years before Quinn Scott disappeared to make his fortune, and she hasn’t heard a word from him. As his touch ignites old passions, Shane is torn between telling him about the son he’s never known, and protecting young Jackson’s heart from the man who walked away without a backward glance.

When Shane storms back into his life, Quinn isn’t surprised by the incredible attraction which sparks between them. He wants to take up where they left off, but years of lies and unexpected betrayals from family and friends endanger his Thoroughbred breeding operation and his dreams of a future with the woman he never really left behind.

Will old prejudices separate them again or can love grow stronger the Second Time Around?

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The book is on sale at Decadent Publishing, and all major e-retailers.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I observe the same crazy happenings in the ER. lol It’s to our advantage to come in contact with people when they’re at their worse. It certainly promotes a great conflict for a story. Love your blurb, too! All the best!

  2. JM says:

    I tell you, stupidity makes the world go ’round. There was never a quiet night there.
    Thanks for stopping.

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