Angels Among Us?

Angels walking among us has been an idea swimming through my mind lately. I keep returning to the same question. What if? What if they are? I do believe in angels. I do believe sometimes we are helped by something other than… Just recently I had a fascinating discussion thread on Long and Short Reviews regarding this notion of angels here on Earth.  So I thought I would look into some Guardian Angel stories and share a couple with you today. If you have a Guardian Angel story, and you are comfortable sharing it, please do!

Hugs and snugs,

Nature Sent an Angel Story (

Almost eight years had passed since my father had died. And although we weren’t very close, the day I decided to take a walk along the North Saskatchewan river in one of Edmonton’s nature parks, I found myself missing him dearly. I began to remember the lighter moments we had together during my childhood years. Christmases we shared searching for the perfect yuletide tree in waist-deep snow. Warm summer evenings when he would take me and my three sisters to the movies in his old 1947 dodge. His laughter when we sat down for breakfast and how he and I would challenge each other to see who could eat the most eggs.

Now, I stood in the drizzling autumn rain overlooking the river, yearning for those happier times we had spent together. I looked up at the gray sky and began to pray. I prayed that dad was in a better place. I prayed for his forgiveness for the mistakes I had made in life, as his son. I prayed that he would know I forgave him for the sometimes harsh ways he treated us. And I cried. I cried because I finally came to realize how much he really meant to me. I cried because I deeply missed him. I cried because, in my heart of hearts, I knew I really loved him.

It was then I noticed a flock of small birds soaring towards me from across the river.They landed on the leafless branches of willow trees all around me. Then one of them gave me the surprise of my life. It flew directly at me and perched, unafraid, upon my shoulder. It chirped and chirped as it actually peered straight into my face. I didn’t move. In fact, I was in awe of its candor. It remained on my shoulder for at least a full minute. Then it lifted its wings and rejoined its buddies. Immediately, the birds flew away. Back across the river.

Was it a sign?

I have always believed in angels. And I believe my angel was telling me, through nature, that everything is alright. That my father had received my prayers and was pleased. I believe on that chilly autumn day, when I opened my heart in truthful prayer, God’s love shone down on both my father and me. And I was granted a small miracle gift of acknowledgement from above. Nature sent me an angel that day and I am grateful.

Today, I am much closer to my dad than I ever was. And I have no one to thank but an angel who’s sole purpose, I believe, is to watch over me, and guide me, in some cases with a miracle, to our Lord’s universal home. And my father’s waiting arms.

~This story, Nature Sent an Angel, was sent in by
James Woodward from Edmonton Alberta.

Fireman and the Angels Story (

I was born at 4:02 AM, in Jersey City N. J. My mother and father were on their way to the hospital when they were hit head-on by another car.

My father suffered two broken legs and my mother was far worse. She was severely injured from the waist down and from the sternum up. She was given last rites at the scene. Miraculously, she survived but spent the next seventeen months in the hospital and I was raised during that time by my grandmother.

This angel story is first about how my mother and me some how survived this crash.

Exactly one year later I was sleeping in my grandmothers house. It was a beautiful fall evening, the windows were open and and my grandmother had a religious candle on a dresser.

The wind must have kicked up just enough to blow the shear drapes near the candle flame. As a result, the house caught fire and my room was engulfed in flames. The fireman who eventually rescued me could not believe his eyes (I managed to speak with the fireman years later). The fireman said that when he entered my room through the smoke and heat two large angels were crouched over my bassinet. He said he froze for a moment and all of a sudden this one angel with a trumpet around his body picked me up and handed me to him. Not a scratch on me and no smoke inhalation.

Both my birth and my escaping the fire, were called a miracle by the local newspapers and local television stations.

I can tell you that angels DO exist. I am living proof.

~This Fireman and the Angels story
was submitted by Al.


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  1. Thank you for posting two wonderful inspirational stories, Deena! I believe strongely in the presense of guardian angels. How else would we have the strength to cope with the hardships we suffer in today’s world? The people who believe in angels are open minded enough to see the message behind the events. I had an expereince I’d be happy to tell you about.
    My father had been gone for over twenty years, and my mother was living with me. I went on to become a registered nurse, after my father passed away. One morning I became emotional while listening to a sad song on the radio. I picked up a photo of my father and held it close to my heart. I wished he could see how well my mother was doing, and how our family thrived, from his upbringing. He was always wise, and gave us hope and inspiration. I dried my eyes and dressed for an afternoon shift at the hospital. As I started on my way to the staff lounge, a woman visitor caught my attention. She smiled and asked me where I was from, and my name. I answered her questions. All of a sudden, the patient lying in the bed, sat up, he said, “Your father was my Godfather.” I walked over to his bedside. He amazed me by telling me stories about my dad ,and his parents performing in shows together. I never met him before. I left the room walking on air, convinced the chance meeting was a sign. My father was telling me he knew, and was smiling down on us.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thank YOU, Kathleen, for sharing this heartwarming story with us. It’s wonderful to hear stories from people I know. And to know such amazing experiences have happened to them is so cool. 🙂

  2. deenaremiel says:

    Zane Welnitz know a thing or two about angels. His cell phone was about to ditch his most important info. Zane says, “…and if it went a few more days I would have lost my facebook account with all my groups and my administration rights to my team. Along with losing alot of my friends… I met Melissa on here and she sent me $60 dollars to hook it back up. She really is an Angel in disguise… I have been on here for a month with my internet shut off. It seems that a higher power is looking after me lately…

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Zane, I’m so glad you shared this recent story. I agree with you. Melissa’s pretty terrific. And you know what? You are, too.

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