Crazy Fun Ahead!

A crazy idea it was to turn my passion for writing into something more than just a hobby. A crazy, wonderful idea that I couldn’t ignore.  Crazier still was that my craft was validated and my novels sold. When I got the e-mail that sent me soaring out of my seat screaming, it was as though a huge billboard sign suddenly flashed before me saying, “Crazy Fun Ahead!” And so it was and is. Before my first book hit the virtual shelves, I spent a lot of time building my platform, creating my brand, and gathering my tribe. It has been a phenomenal experience, most rewarding. But the crazy fun has only just begun. Now that Trinity is out and available for purchase, I must cast my net wider.

So it is that I have joined, with many other great authors, a Treasure Hunt that begins at The Romance Studio today. You’ll want to come back here on Saturday for a clue to answer and have a chance to win  tremendous prizes. I’ve also joined Laura Wright’s release party on April 4. Come join the crazy fun all day long. At 8pm AZ time, you’ll be able to chat with me. Again there are lots of great prizes to be won.

Another crazy fun idea… I joined the Para Posse, a group of women who love all things paranormal. I’ll be posting every fourth thursday of the month, however, my first posting will show today.

What a whirlwind my life has become, and I’d love for you all to come with me on the dizzying ride. Why? ‘Cause it’s CRAZY FUN!

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  1. I’m jumping on on the crazy train with you All Aboard!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      LOL You’re a nut, just like me! Welcome aboard the crazy train, Kathleen! 😀

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