Saving Joy #15 unleashes at Noon PST…

{…”Oh, I am so terribly sorry, Dr. Cassiel.” The grandmother worried a curl at the base of her neck. “Joy isn’t usually so ornery when meeting people, are you, Joy?” Joy released a low growl toward Cassiel. “No… not usually. I wonder what’s gotten into her…”  She scooted past him to her grand-daughter, who was now sitting up in bed with her nightgown twisted around her waist. She straightened it out and swiped away the stray hairs from her forehead.

“I wonder…” Cassiel said staring straight into Joy’s eyes and through them. The Devil’s gotten into her, that’s what…} 

For more, go to Click on Volume 6, Number 15


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  1. hotcha1 says:


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks, Linda! Hope it got ya to read today’s installment… 😀

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