Maureen Betita Has Lost Her Crackers… I Mean KRAKEN! (Contest Alert!)

WELCOME,  MAUREEN! I’m so glad you could be with us today and for the remainder of May! I LOVE contests, I love pirates, and I love monsters! YOU have brought all three here with you today. Yay! Readers, enjoy…

Is It Luck?


Writing is a bit of a crapshoot. We’ve all been there, those of us who write…but actually, this is true for even the non-writers. We all have these ideas, these great fabulous ideas. Perhaps it’s a flavor of ice cream…or the perfect campaign for the new boss at work…or a theme for a new restaurant…  Anything you can consider.

You come up with the PERFECT idea! And…before you have a chance to implement, to explore, to take action…someone else beats you to it.

Were they just lucky or was it better timing? Did they sneak into your dreams at night and steal your very thoughts away? Did fate just smack you around and snatch the idea away to deliver to your rival because fate hates you?

Well, this happens to writers all the time. I had the idea of a witchy chick who wandered through a world where magical beings roamed before Kim Harrison (actually, I didn’t, but for the sake of the blog, I’m gonna lie) but she got hers to market first. Was she luckier than me?

Nah…ideas tend to run in cycles. At least I believe that. So, when I saw a little article in RT Magazine last year, featuring three authors who had written pirate books…I shrugged (After gnashing my teeth in envy, of course) because I figured they broke the ground for my books! When I launched, the soil would be softened up, ready for me.

Luck, good timing, complex planning, career preparation…sometimes it all comes down to…this stuff happens. Even on Friday the 13th, sometimes, these things just happen.

Do I believe in luck? Damned straight I do! 😉 But I also know one person’s luck is another person’s bad luck. It all evens out…and it’s about perception.

Now, it was my luck to lose my kraken between the electronic edition of my book, The Kraken’s Mirror, and the print edition of the book. But luck…well I can turn it around. I am turning it around.

It bummed me out to realize I’d lost my kraken…at first. But! It’s all about making the most out of situations you can’t change. (Other pirate books broke the soil…I can use that! Remember?) I lost my kraken? I can use that!

How? To promote myself and my book! By holding a contest! And giving away some awesome prizes!


So, making the best of a sad situation, I put it to you… Where did the Kraken go?

1)      He’s in Scotland, wooing Nessie

2)      He’s outside the Mines of Moria at Gandalf’s request, fighting off the menace in the waters

3)      Sharing rum with the monster in the lake at Hogwarts

4)      What’s your best guess?

How to enter the contest?

1)      Comment here and pick an option, or create your own.

2)      Friend my author page on Facebook and leave a comment, telling me which option you picked, or where you think the Kraken went.

3)      Find me on any blog I guest at during the month of May and tell me your option. (Be sure to leave an e-mail address in the comment section.)

Yes, you can enter multiple times, at each blog, on FB…and this is a guest blog! So it counts!

Prizes? Look at ‘em!

Contest ends on May 31st, 2011…at midnight, Pacific Standard Time. I will announce the winner on June 1st, 2011.

Now, let’s see some options! If you’re lucky, maybe your comment will be one that wins a prize!


28 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Bails says:

    I would have to say that i think the the Kraken went to visit friends. He actually came to my house in Martelle, Iowa. He is helping my son celebrate his birthday. My son turns 6 today. This is a special birthday for him. He was born on friday the 13th of May and now this year he is celebrating another friday the 13th birthday. The Kraken wanted to come spend this special birthday with us. He said he will be home soon.

    1. Now, that will be a party to remember! Don’t let him hog the cake!

      It must be really neat to face your birthday on a day everyone considers … well…interesting…every seven years!

      Happy birthday to Christine’s son! Have a krakey day!

  2. P. Kirby says:

    You lost the Kraken? Again? Sheesh. Just can’t give you anything nice. 😉

    Poor thing’s probably stuffed in cage at Animal Control.

    Regarding ideas. They’re malleable. Let’s say I have an idea for a story about a young man who discovers that he had magical powers and that there is a whole magical society right under our nose, with schools and commerce, and sports. Yeah. Harry Potter.

    Thing is, I could still write the story. Because my vision of that idea would be very different from J.K. Rowlings. Now if all I did was write the same story, same plotlines, etc., and change the names, that would be wrong. But my version of the story might be dystopian. It could take place in the future. Or far in the past. It could explore other themes. My protagonist’s parents may still be alive. Or perhaps they are in league with dark forces. Sky’s the limits.

    Stories belong to their creators, but “ideas” are amorphous and don’t really belong to anyone.

    1. Yeah, and actually…I’d read a wizard’s school YA years before Rowling… Diane Duane wrote the “So You Want to Be A Wizard” series years before HP.

      There really are no new ideas, just different author voices and how they scew the story differently.

      Gods, I hope you’re wrong about animal control!

  3. JM says:

    Mmmm, any chance he’s in Kentucky, letting horses loose? I’ve been chasing mine for two days, and SOMEBODY’s been letting them go. Gotta be the Kracken.
    Or he’s visiting Nessie. Horny thing…

  4. Well, he doesn’t like to see any animal behind bars, as he sees it… So it’s a possibility! At least he isn’t seeing them on the menu!

  5. Hi Maureen,
    I just came back from a walk down to the ferry dock. You know I saw the strangest thing. A huge octopus…like a kraken…in the waves playing catch the row boat with a dolphin. Could it be your kraken? If so, he’s off the coast of beautiful Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada.
    I admire your good attitude.
    Looking for the silver lining in my own rain clouds

    1. Well, rain is necessary to the growth of food. So…rain clouds are good things. If Krakey is up there sporting with dolphins…there’s your luck!

  6. Leanne says:

    I found your Kraken! He’s in my backyard terrorizing the Chickadees and playing soccer with my kids 🙂 Looks like he’s having a great time 😀

  7. Damn, I bet he’s a hell of a soccar player! 😉

  8. kym amaral says:

    I found the Kraken, he was out playing golf with my father today !

    1. Kym… I wonder what his handicap is?

      I might know if I knew what that meant! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I don’t know how he got here, but he’s in New Jersey, stuck in traffic on the way to the beach. 🙂

    1. Oh, I pity the fool who started that mess! I’m envisioning kraken tentacles plucking cars out of the way!

  10. Amanda Woodward says:

    Well they say that Posieden is having problems with the merpeople at this time. In the Persian Gulf there’s been an award offered by some unnamed God for whoever finds a certain waterlogged corpse. The merpeople have abandon their herds of seahorses and seacows
    And crops of seaweed and anmeonies to go on the scavenger hunt. Therefore Posieden was forced to bring is his enforcers and lesser gods to tend to the work. I hear the Kraken has a way with the herds. So you can probably find him there using his multiple arms to reign order upon those unruly masses….

    1. Amanda Woodward says:

      I keep forgetting e-mail

  11. Amanda – He’d do that for Posieden. He’s just that sort of cephalopod!

  12. Karen C says:

    Sadly, Kracken was waylaid at the DFW Tea Readers Group high tea at the Chocolate Angel in Richardson, Texas this afternoon …..

    1. Karen C says:

      Sadly, I forgot my email address, too!!

      kacbooks at hotmail dot com

      1. Karen – I’m hoping Deena will be able to supply them to me when the time comes… But thanks, I am tracking the ones left with me! 😉

  13. Did he spoil the tea or partake?

    1. Karen C says:

      Partake. And Partake. Oh, yes – and partake!

  14. Uh oh…didn’t leave anything for the others? Well, that’s what comes of multiple appendages.

  15. Amanda Woodward says:

    Today I spotted him cruising the Dole container barge looking for some pineapple and bananas to fuel his piña colada addiction………0_o

  16. Karen C says:

    Kraken must have still been hungry because he joined us for lunch and then went to the mall with us – was very well behaved! He’s taking a nap right now and asked to stay for dinner – we’re having venison with sweet potatoes, carrots and onions, simmering all day in the slow cooker. Yum.

    kacbooks at hotmail dot com

    1. Well, damn. Now I’m hungry! Hope you have enough for him! He can be a bit cranky when he doesn’t get his fill… 😉

      1. Karen C says:

        We have plenty of venison, but I hope that Kraken doesn’t have a sweet tooth because I forgot to get dessert! Oh, my …

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