The Brethren are Global!

The internet is an incredible tool in that it brings people from around the world together. Years ago, it was hard enough keeping in touch with people I knew who had moved away. let alone meeting new people. Now,on Facebook,  it’s easy as saying, “Be my friend”  to keep tabs not only with my old friends, but also my new ones, as well. It’s also super easy to connect with readers on the internet, thanks to Goodreads and other reader forums. And thank goodness! Authors have an audience that is infinite. It’s up to us to present quality work and be available for our fans.

 The reading world on the internet is chock full of wonderful people, many of whom are fans of the Brethren. I thought it would be interesting to share with you where my friends live, and as far as I know, where the Brethren (*) can be found these days across the world. If you own Trinity, or have read Brethren Beginnings online, and your country is not represented here with an asterisk next to it, please let me know in the comment area.  My goal is to have Trinity in the hands of friends all over the world.

United States *          Jordan
Canada *                      Spain
South America *       Tunisia
Australia *                   India
New Zealand               Indonesia      
South Africa *             Germany       
England                        UK



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