Habit 4 – Win-Win

We have been conditioned to believe that compromise is how we get along. That in any relationship, each of us has to give up something. Sounds rather negative, doesn’t it? We go into each and every relationship with the full knowledge we will be giving up something. This way of thinking leads directly to years of pent-up resentment if we’re not careful. If we don’t communicate effectively. I am going to suggest to you a shift in your thinking, another paradigm shift.

Instead of thinking, “What must I give up” or “How much do I have to give in” why not think about how much you’re getting? Why not think about what each of you gains from working together toward the  same goal? What do I win? What do you win? How do we make this situation win-win? When we look at situations in this way, we are allowing our minds to be open to all possibilities and solutions to problems. Creative problem-solving leads to a win-win scenario.

I hope you employ this habit the next time you find yourself in a situation at work or at home that requires creative problem solving. Remember to point out to others how everyone benefits from the agreed upon solution.



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