Prophecy Tour Day 1: How I Create a Moment to Swoon Over

Welcome one and all to our PROPHECY TOUR, 2011! Gracen Miller, Elena Gray, and I have teamed up to bring you three days of fascinating fun at all three of our websites. There’s in-depth discussion of our craft, paranormal chit-chat, and promotions galore!

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How I Create a Moment to Swoon Over

What is it that I do that compels a book reviewer such as the Bookish Snob to create a Top Ten List of reasons why a person should read Trinity, and they’re all swooning moments from the book? What have I done to be dubbed Queen of the Swoonworthy? I create moments in my story that you wish belonged to you.

But let me set the stage for you before we go any farther. You are now going to a place devoid of all screaming, demanding children. There are no husbands begging for “Me Time”. No dinner to be cooked or laundry to be cleaned. You are going to a place where it’s just you and the book you’ve been dying to read. Let’s just say it’s mine. *wink, wink*

Before my words can work their magic on you, YOU must be in the right frame of mind and in the right place. People may argue the point that it doesn’t matter where they are or how loud it is around them, a great author can take us away and void out all distraction. I agree. However, I venture to say that when we get some quiet time, we go back and reread those juicy parts. Quiet affords us the opportunity to feel, see, touch, taste, and hear our story unfold in a deeper, more empathetic way.

Whether we’ve ever experienced falling in love personally or not, we have all felt it vicariously through books, TV shows, and movies. We may never have had the private pleasure and pain of it, but we share in its emotional and physiological effects on the characters we’ve grown to care about. We feel sadness, anger, joy, heartache. Our hearts race, our stomachs clench, goosebumps arise, and sometimes we find ourselves shouting out loud because of something someone has said or done in the story.

So now that we’re in a good place, let’s examine what I do specifically to make you swoon. I’ll take a passage from Top Ten Reasons To Read Trinity by Deena Remiel,by the Bookish Snob. After reading it, I will explain how I got there.

 “God knows, I love you, Emma.” He placed a light kiss on her temple and whispered against her ear. “I’ve never known before the rapture a simple touch could bring or the joy of sharing all that I am with another whose heart is kind and true. You’ve brought these gifts to me. You’ve awakened the man inside the angel.”

Uh huh. I know. I’ll just give you a moment to collect yourselves.  If only. LOL That’s part of it! IF ONLY! “If only my husband or boyfriend would say stuff like that to me.” OR… “If only I could hear those words said to me again.” I write what I would love to hear from someone who’s fallen desperately in love with me.

When I write my scenes, I use my skill of empathy to anticipate what a character will say or do. No matter how many people are in a scene, I am hopping inside their heads, and then I speak for them and feel for them and act for them. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting to me, as the writer, to go through this process time and again, but I do this to give my stories a sense of authenticity.

So, the next time you go to write, think about what you’d like to hear said to you. Think about how you’d like to be treated. The next time you read a romance novel, feel free to insert yourself into the role of choice again. In either case, prepare to fall in love over and over again.

I leave you with a song that makes me swoon…

To win a Brethren Disciple bracelet and  Brethren Fan Pack, comment below with a favorite line from a book or movie that makes you swoon!

For more about WRITER’S CRAFT, head over to Gracen Miller’s and Elena Gray’s websites.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. “Jamie,” came out in a breathless sigh as she leaned in towards him so that their lips were but a touch away, and a question played in the sparkle of her eyes.
    “Hope,” he murmured and closed his own, moving through that last bit of space to press his lips against hers.

    Okay, so it was two but I SWOON hard EVERY time I read the scene this was taken from. Of course, it shouldn’t surprise me seeing DEENA REMIEL wrote it! This is from your latest release, Picture Perfect and pairing it with the image of Jimmy Thomas, it leaves me a gooey mess!

  2. Leticha Brewster says:

    Tears sparkled against her cheeks, glittered in her eyes. Nix wondered if she wanted him to kiss her like he wanted to.

  3. WOW! I have ALWAYS thought that women make the BEST romance writers…deemably the best SWOONWORTHY ever scenes…why? Because as a woman, you know what you want a man to be or do…the same as all the rest of us. The beauty of a good swoonworthy book is this: you get the man of your dreams with out giving up the love of your life or soul mate! That is how I see it! SO to all INCREDIBLE SWOONWORTHY writers…THANK YOU!

    My Quote: Imprinting on someone is like… Like when you see her… Everything changes. All of a sudden, its not gravity holding you to the planet. It’s her… Nothing else matters~~~Jacob Black Twilight Saga (don’t laugh…love him!!)

  4. Diana says:

    Great post!
    My favorite quote: “You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have.”
    The Notebook

  5. Elena Gray says:

    HI Deena!! I’m so excited to be doing this tour with you and Gracen!
    Here is my favorite quote:

    “You are my next breath. You are the reason I breathe at all.” Mac Liam by Renee Vincent

  6. deenaremiel says:

    Ladie! You have me fanning myself, and thank goodness I’m sitting! 😉

  7. Deena, your angels sure make me swoon!! I love them!! Wow…my favorite line, I dunno. I’ve read so many. I remember one of yours from Trinity, something along the lines of when he stares into her eyes he’d forfeit the world for her. Something like that, but I do remember thinking it was a fabulous line!


  8. deenaremiel says:


  9. Doin a booty dance!!!! Eeep thank you!!! Emailing now

  10. Congrats, Mindy!


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