PROPHECY TOUR Day 2: Picky Paranormal


It’s the age-old question… do you like shifters or vampires? As if one couldn’t like them both. I’ve come to find that many of us do like them both, however, I’ve also learned that there is definitely a preference of one over the other. People spend a lot of time making their Venn Diagrams and T-charts explaining why we should love one more than the other. I believe, no matter what evidence you put before me, this preference is unique to each individual. So, I’ve decided to explore my preference on the psychological level, leaving charts and graphs behind, and instead, looking to my primal desires. Please feel free to add your take on this hot debate in the comment section below.

To begin, let me state for the record, that although I like both shifter and vamp, I am moreso a shifter fan. There it is. I put it out there. So now, to explore the reason why shifters have my heart. First, how does one become enamoured by fictional characters in the first place? It’s because the authors have woven a seductive tale with rich, tantalizing descriptions of heroes we’d love to have encounters with, and heroines we’d like to be. We get carried away as it is with mere mortal subjects. When we then add into the mix a host of immortal creatures as heroes, with physical traits we’d love to touch and a magnetism unparalleled by humans, well, it’s a heady concoction, to say the least.

My foray into the paranormal world began with vampires, so I must pay them their due. They are usually written as sexy, lithe creatures of the night. They have mesmerizing eyes and a one-track mind when it comes to their true desire. I am transfixed by the notion of feeding off of each other and doing so while sharing unbridled passion. Very hot stuff. And seriously, who doesn’t love watching wistfully the sexy moves of Angel or Spike, or the vamps of True Blood? But as a woman fantasizing about her perfect mate, something leaves me yearning. A heartbeat, perhaps.


What is it about shapeshifters that attracts me so? I believe my desires are found at first on a very primitive level. Shapeshifters are animal. I am animal. Shapeshifters are predatory, and I am their prey, but not for a kill, for love. They seek out their one true mate. I fantasize over that kind of eternal connection, that need for another that supersedes all else. To be on somebody’s one-track mind with the intent on mutual everlasting love.

A fierce, protective nature is alluring, as well. That, partnered with a body sculpted to muscular perfection is a big draw for me. Oh yeah, I would love to feel protected in the most primal way. Sure, I’m a fierce woman when it comes to protecting my children. But I fantasize about the protectiveness of a shifter over me, his body thrumming under my hands as we walk through a forest; he as a wolf or big cat, keyed up and ready to pounce on any threat, or turning into a man ready to pounce on me.


And that heartbeat! I need a heartbeat and warmth from my man. A shifter can give me that. In fact, I don’t mind extreme heat at all. That’s why I moved to Arizona. So, although they tend to run really hot, that’s not a problem for me. I’d like to thank all the authors out there who have written shifter books or who’ve included shifters in their stories. You have me forever yearning for the impossible, but that’s okay. That’s what fantasy is all about.

Now to make matters more difficult, I’ve fallen in love with another paranormal creature! The ANGEL. My angels, to be exact, the Brethren. I started writing my angels when there were none to be had. I made them heroes, with complications. I made them hot and sexy, and nothing like the angels of religious lore. And I became infatuated. Just look at them… you will be, too. Just imagine what those muscled arms and wings can do! If you’ve read Trinity or Brethren Beginnings, well, you already know!


**So readers, at your most primal level, who floats your boat? Who speaks to your most primal needs and gives you what you  fantasize about? Shifter or Vampire OR ANGEL? Tell me in the comment space below and you could win a Brethren Disciple bracelet and removable tattoo wings!

**Then, go over to Gracen’s and Elena’s websites for their paranormal exploration!**


21 Comments Add yours

  1. LorettaLynn says:

    You make this so hard:)
    I love them all,But when it comes down to it,Im going to ahve to say Vampires.
    I’ve loved them sence i was really little something about them flots my boat and thats for sure:)

  2. Hmmm….that’s a tough question, Deena. My first love was vampires, but I love an alpha shapeshifter too, and angels that make me swoon are awesome too. I love bad boy fallen angels too. 😉

    I love the eroticism that can be written into a vampire scene. Something about the vampire bite is super hawt to me. But I’ve read some vampire books that either 1) made me want to stake them or 2) toss them into the sunlight. I like bad-boy vampires the best, Spike and Damon Salvatore, for example rock it hard, while Angel and Stefan drive me nuts with their goody-two-shoes acts.

    I didn’t answer your question, but great post! lol I’m so excited to be doing this blog tour with you and Elena!



  4. Well lets break it down here..if they were all standing in front of me and I had to choose, this is what it would depend on.

    Vampires: usually sexy, the whole blood drinking thing is kind of eh…but the fangs…omg the fangs…that is HOT..super blood boiling hot….where was I? I have been a fan of vampires since they were…gasps…WICKED evil and not sexy at all. They crawled out of graves and were covered in mud and muck. They went around draining people in a gruesome manner with no love in site. THOSE are the vampires I fell in love with so this new super sexy Vampire is easy to love however, deep down, still a vampire.

    Shapeshifters: I was not a shifter fan AT ALL until..yes I will say it…I read the Twilight Saga. I was Team Jacob from the very beginning. Almost 7 feet tall, looks like he was sculpted from ROCK, hot as hell, devoted and undying love, fierce protector, shifts into a huge wolf (yes very sexy….) the heat thing might be an issue but that is why we have A/C ladies…and I agree…they are alive. Not cold, not dead and they can go out in the sunlight and live a normal life, if they are not the shifters of the old lore and just ravage unsuspecting villages in their sleep! Wink wink…I am really showing my age here huh? hehe…

    Angels/Fallen Angel OMG…yes i love me some angels. Why do I love me some angels? Because the ones in books are always NAWTY! they are always doing something they are not SUPPOSED to…(hmmm shouldn’t that be an issue in the grand scheme of things) but who does not love a bad boy, errr angel right? And usually they have WINGS…what I wouldn’t give to run my fingers through those wings…sorry I strayed again.

    So here is my break down. Vampires fascinate me and I would love to have one or a coven of them as BFF’s b/c it would be fun. Shifters are HAWT in more ways than one and as long as they are not eating my family, I think a long term thing would be incredible and passionate!

    Angels…well…good bad always beautiful! Love the wings, the devotion and the whole good vs evil thing always makes life SO adventurous.

    So did I answer your question? Not really…if one of these 3 show up at my door, I will let you know which one I choose, deal????? *winks*

    thank you!!!

  5. deenaremiel says:

    Mindy, Crystal, Gracen, Loretta… I adore your repsonses and respect your choices, each one, as innocuous and vague as they may be, some of you! lol Just goes to show how hard it is to choose. And yet our heroines sometimes have to make that very decision for themselves in their own stories… 😉

  6. wyndwhisper says:

    i think i have to go with the vampire, my first experience with the supernatural was with the 1979 version of Dracula starring Frank Langella. Man was he HOT! after that i could not get my hands on enough books or movies about vamps. Recently i discovered a new series of books/supernatural that i am thinking is running a very close second. it is Carolyn Jewel’s My Immortal Series and features some of the most smoken hot sexiest “good” demons i have ever had the pleasure to read about. it’s a definite must read series.

  7. Chris Bails says:

    I think vampires are very sexy. Anne Rice introduced me first with her books and then the movies followed. I love shows and movies like True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Twilight series. I also love books like Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, Charlaine Harris- Sookie Stackhouse series, Jeanienne Frost’s Cat & Bones series, Kim Harrison, Twilight series, and Lynsay Sands romantic series about the Argeneau family. Vamps are sexy, have the alpha male-domiant thing going on. I also like Were animals. They definately have the alpha thing going on.
    Have read a couple of Deena’s books, but have not had the chance to check out any of Elena’s books.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
    christinebails (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I LOVE Anita Blake! And Lyndsay Sands… mmm mmm….

  8. Denise Z says:

    I have a hard time saying I like shifters more than vampires – I have read incredibly good series about both and as far as I am concerned if the story hooks me that is my pleasure whatever the taste of the characters. I will say, and I am not sucking up here, I have never much cared for the angel theme – that is until I read Brethren Beginnings and now I am so on board. It is funny because if I do not particularly care for a subject, I have a mental challenge to find a book to change my mind. That is surely the best part of exploring new books for me. Thank you for sharing the fun with us today and for the wonderful giveaway opportunity.

  9. Diana says:

    The truth is when I read a book with vampires I fantasize the vampires, when I read a book with Shifter I fantasize the Shifter and when I read a book with Angels I fantasize the Angels.
    Everyone are welcome. As you can imagine that Sookie is my favorite character.

  10. Andrea I says:

    Vampires were my first paranormals to read about. I didn’t think I would like shifters until I won a book by Terry Spear and read it. I loved shifters also. I am thrilled that angels are now being written about also. I find it hard to pick a favorite, it depends upon what I’m in the mood for reading.

  11. Man, that’s a tough one. A few months ago I would’ve said wholeheartedly that I was a VAMP girl. The danger… the seductiveness… it’s heady in appeal. But then I had a dream and the Mystic Wolves appeared. I got to know Mason and I felt a “shift” in my allegiance. There’s something undeniably sexy about the Alpha male (regardless of animal form) The intensity and heat is passionate and extremely addictive. But then, you DEENA introduced me to Nathanael, One of your amazing Brethren and I started looking to the heavens for love. Do I have to choose? Because they all make me hot, bothered and extremely swoony! LOL How’s that for decisiveness!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Sounds like you’re up for a menage! 😉

  12. Ann Mayburn says:

    Hrmmm…honestly, I’d have to say Angels. Despite the fact that I write about a lot of morbid and really evil stuff, I’m a Polly Anna at heart and very devoted to doing the work of God/The Goddess/The Big Cheese in the Sky. 😉 Whatever you want to call it I try to live my life contributing to the ‘good’ side and would adore to have a sexy, powerful, totally yummy personal angel at my side. Especially an angel like yours. Yum!

  13. deenaremiel says:

    Thanks, Ann! I’d love to have these guys by my side, too! Whew! LOL 🙂

  14. deenaremiel says:


  15. Wow, Deena, for the longest time, I’ve claimed to be a vampire girl, but your explanation on why you love shifters makes me reconsider. Take True Blood for instance. I love the vamps. I like the whole package. Everyone I know seems to swoon over Eric. Not that he isn’t nice to look at, but I have to say that when I’m watching the show, it’s Alcide who makes me squeal. As soon as he steps on canvas, I’m transported to another realm filled with his sexy hotness. So maybe I am more of a shifter girl. Who knows. Great post and tour. Wishing you all the best.


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks so much, Kelly! I’ve been having a ball with it. 🙂 I love Alcide, too, though I only know of him through pictures. I don’t watch True Blood. Probably the only one who doesn’t but… lol

  16. Being a paranormal author who focuses on the angel and demon genre, I’ll have to vote ANGELS. Vamps and shifters have become tiresome to me, and at the time I published my first book, the tale of a warrior angel and the human artist he falls for, there were few angel-themed books within the paranormal arena, romance or not. Angels have encompassed the human mind for thousands of years, reaching as far back as Mesopotamia in one form or another, and in my opinion smash vamps and shifters beneath their holy boots like so much foul earth.
    wildwyrmart (at)

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Danielle! SO great to see you here. 🙂 Yay for angels!

  17. deenaremiel says:


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