Souls Lost and Souls Found, a poem for 9/11

September 11th, 2001  is a wonderful day for over 10,000 families in the United States. A baby was born to them that day. And there are countless others whose birthdays also boast that day as theirs, as well. Thank goodness for these people! They remind us that for all the precious lives lost on this day, there were still so many blessings that came into our world on that very day, too.

It remains an important message for me to remember. As much as we owe it to those who perished in Shanksville, PA, the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers, to keep their memories alive and strong, we owe it to those born on this now infamous day to celebrate their lives. So here is my poetic tribute to the souls lost and the souls found on that day…



Souls Lost and Souls Found

there is a hole in my soul
that shall remain unfilled
until the day I die
it is where our memories
from years of a life together
are supposed to be

It is where your endless smiles reside
And your gentle touch remains just out of reach

How strange that my body can go through the motions
waking and working, eating and sleeping
yet my heart just limps monotonously along for the ride

I am a lost soul, like you
Endlessly yearning, for you

And then I hear giggles erupting around me
Laughter, from a newborn babe
rattling my chains of despair
shattering my stoic veneer

A soul is lost
A soul is found
And balance is restored

©Deena Remiel, 2011.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. God, grant us healing, love, and forgiveness.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Amen, Mark. Amen. 🙂

  2. Auntie A says:

    In a word, MAGNIFICENT. I’m wiping my tears away as I type this.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thank you! Love you…

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