GHOST OF A CHANCE- RELEASE DAY PARTY (with the Bookish Snob!!)



Bet you didn’t know when you woke up this morning, there was a book being released that is FULL OF DELICIOUS SWOON! I did and it’s with giddy delight that I can sing from the rooftops …..

“Author Deena Remiel has done it AGAIN!!!”

Taking a detour from her sexy as heck Brethren, Deena has written a beautiful short story for Decadent’s 1 Night Stand series, about two people desperately needing something and finding it in each other. I ADORE this story. So much that I asked Remy (he’s the tortured hero … yep, sigh if you need to because I sure did!) to come talk to me and he definitely stole my heart.


Remy Charles– *Standing outside The Bookish Snob’s abode, I am awash with excitement. In just mere moments we are going to discuss my latest romantic story, Ghost of a Chance. In my opinion, Bookish Snob is the ultimate swoon detector and I’m anxious to see if my humble romantic and ghostly offering will elicit multiple swoons.*

Bels – *I’m so nervous about meeting Remy and can’t help myself as I stand at my window and look out. Careful to make sure the curtains prevent anyone seeing me, I notice he’s already arrived, and is standing outside. Butterflies erupt in my stomach because even though he’s in ghostly form, he’s just as sexy as I imagined him to be. Looking down at my clothes, I quickly make sure I’m presentable before I head over to my door. Fixing the last strand of hair by tucking it behind my ear, I open the door and smile* Hi Remy, I’m Bels. Please come in!

Remy – Are you sure you’re ready for me? I mean, I am not your usual kind of man. I’m, well, complicated yet transparent. 

Bels – Oh I wouldn’t worry! You’re fine.*I show you into the living room and offer you a seat, realizing I’m not sure whether you can. I look up at you a little confused and smile as you take the seat closest to the bookshelf* I’m so excited you’re here. I’ve never really interviewed a ghost before so I didn’t know what to expect. How about you tell me a little about yourself.

Remy – Thanks, Bels. Might I add that your name is so unique and your smile quite fetching. As for me, well, what you see is what you get, a ghost of a man. As clear as plastic wrap. I’m the eco-conscious owner of Global Responsibility, an eco-friendly multi-million dollar company.

Bels – Surely you weren’t always like this though? How did you go from being a hot shot CEO to a ghost? I mean, if it’s not too difficult for you to talk about…

Remy – It’s times like these that I wish I could stall with a sip of water. *I chuckle nervously. How exactly do I approach this loaded question?* Well, no. I haven’t always been this way. I’m just not ready to share how I came to be this way. It’s just too painful right now. I hope you understand. Just know, I’ve been cursed and let’s leave it at that.

Bels – *Instinctively, I reach out to comfort you, sensing the pain you’re carrying and trying not to show. Heaven knows, I’m a sucker for a torture man and you are definitely that. I stop myself short, knowing that no matter how much you need it, I’m not able to touch you. Pulling back my hand and burying my curiosity, I can’t help but ask … * So why are you here Remy? Is there something I can help you with?

Remy– *I float around Bels’ living room, stopping to look out the window, and turn back toward her* You reached out to me just now. You wanted to touch me, comfort me. It’s impossible for you to do that, for anyone in fact. I… I’m so tired of this cursed isolation. I’ve been craving the touch of another human being for years now. It’s the only hunger I ever feel to tell you the truth. *I sit down on her couch* I’m sorry, Bels. This is supposed to be an interview, not a therapy session. Although, maybe there is something you can do for me.

Bels – *I can’t take my eyes off Remy as he floats about my room and my heart breaks as I hear the pain in his voice* If there’s anything I can do to help Remy, that’s why I’m here. *I giggle as I think about your therapy reference* I promise I won’t even make you lie down on the couch while I take notes.

Remy – Ha ha! Oh Bels, you’re a delight! So, I was wondering, could you, would you, share my story around? Maybe if my story gets out, it will save other men, who are currently neglecting their wives and families, from making the same mistake I did. Maybe they’ll see the err of their ways and change before they wind up being cursed like me…

Bels – Oh absolutely! How could I not share your story? Everyone I know will absolutely swoon over you and want you for their very own. I think it’s wise to want to warn other men the pitfalls of not cherishing the ones who love them *I start to feel a little headed over how considerate you are. You’d expect a man in your predicament to be bitter and angry, but to see you like this … definitely swoonworthy* Could you do something for me, Remy?

Remy– For you Bels, anything… * I wink, but she can’t tell*

Bels – Well, you know how I run The Bookish Snob blog? I’m kinda known for asking those I meet to do things … crazy and sometimes naughty things and I’m wondering if you’d play along with me? *I’m a little nervous about asking because this is by far the most risqué I’ve ever been* I was wondering…. if you would strip off for me? I mean, I’m a big sucker for a well-toned body and abs make me weak at the knees and I’ve never see a ghost before and seeing how I can’t touch you or ask you for a kiss or … *I stop when I realize I’ve begun to ramble*

Remy – You want me to strip for you? Here? Now? Hmmm. Why Bels, you are quite the bold, randy woman aren’t you? *I see you raise and lower your eyebrows and smile wickedly. I laugh and make my decision.* Okay, I’ll do it. Hold onto your pigtails, lady. First, I’m grasping the bottom of my t-shirt and I’m pulling it up and over my head. Now, I’m unbuttoning the fly on my jeans, one at a time. I’m slipping off my shoes and socks. I tug down on my waistband, scrunch my jeans to the floor, and step out of the pile. If only you could help me with my boxer briefs, Bels… Ah, well, guess I’ll have to take them off myself. All right! I am naked as a jaybird! What do you think? Like what you see? Am I buff enough for you, Bels?

Bels – *I squint real hard and can’t help but pout* No fair Remy, I need to SEE you!! You’ve disappeared and I don’t know where you are! *I turn in circles, looking around the room and find no hint to where you’re hiding* Remy? Are you still here? Saying something! This isn’t what I had in mind you know *I giggle*

Remy– *I breeze by Bels after picking up my clothes, as though they really matter, and try my hardest to plant a kiss on her cheek. No such luck. I sigh. I lean into her ear instead* Boo! Time for me to go, my dear. It’s way past my bedtime. Thank you so much for talking with me today and sharing my story with everyone. I won’t forget this or you…

Anyone else hopelessly in love? I’m telling you, Ghost Of A Chance completely sucked me and held my heart. You have two amazing characters – Remy, who is this tortured individual whose stuck living the consequences of his actions. He’s had time to realize the errors of his ways and is desperate to find the woman who’ll help him. But not just desperate for her … desperate for love. Even though he’s filled with self doubt, he goes on a date with Susannah and is completely blown away. For a ghost, Remy is incredibly sexy and sincere and I held my breath through most of the book, begging that he get his happily ever after. I feel in love with Susannah the moment I met her and I whispered “She’s the one.” I loved the way they interacted and that she gave Remy a chance.

If I could sum Ghost  Of A Chance up into one sentence it would be this – Deena Remiel has created a love story with a swoonworthy balance of tenderness, sensuality, hopeful longing and desperate desire, a romance you’re not going to want to put down until you’ve savored every last word and emotion.

Buy it. Read it. Love it. Tell EVERYONE!

Amazon / Decadent Publishing

*** GIVEAWAY ***

To celebrate today’s release, Deena is giving away an ecopy of Ghost Of A Chance to ONE LUCKY WINNER!!! All you need do is:

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3)Answer this question:

***What lengths would you go to to break a curse?***

Susannah’s married to her career. And she’s about ready for a divorce. Drowning in grief over the loss of her husband years ago, she initially immersed herself in a high-powered position at her marketing firm. But recently, she’s lost that loving feeling. Is she finally able to accept that her need for a man, for love in her life is stronger than her desire to bury it? Remy, once a high-profile building magnate, is a ghost of a man, literally. Cursed by a vengeful ex-wife he neglected, he’s relegated to shadows of his former world. She meant for him to spend the rest of his life without the chance of normalcy ever again, and he believed she succeeded. But could there be a way out? Susannah and Remy, two people ghosting through life, until they are brought together by a fateful One Night Stand. Both are seeking re-entry to the land of the living and loving. Can they fulfill each other’s deepest desires and learn what it means to live again?


8 Comments Add yours

  1. I just bought my copy so I wont enter but CONGRATS DEENA! So excited for you! Can’t wait to read it!!!

    What lengths would I go through to break a curse? Hell and back baby! Whatever it took, I would do it!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      LOVE your response AND YOU!!! Mwuaaah!! 😀

  2. What lengths would I go to break a curse?
    I would go the ends of the Earth and back if I had too!


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Oooh, that’s the spirit! 🙂

  3. Oh woman, you were born to make me swoon! Love Remy!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Oh, I’m so glad! And you’re right! I LIVE and WRITE to make you swoon, lady! 😉

  4. Denise Z says:

    You gotta luv a guy named Remy – just the name alone is swoonworthy. I have gone out and bought my copy for happy release day and I thank you for letting me enjoy the fun.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Denise, darlin’ you are soooo sweet for doing that! Enjoy Remy… over and over and over… 😉

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