Decadent Publishing Scores BIG with 1-Night Stand Series

We all enjoy a nice juicy full-length romance novel, but these days, I personally am finding it harder and harder to find the time I like to give to immerse myself for hours on end, losing myself in the story and falling in love with the main characters. So, what’s a girl to do?

Have no fear! Decadent Publishing has created a line of romance short stories that have whetted my appetite and sated it all at the same time. I read my first 1-Night Stand story a Fairy Casanovafew months back. It was Gracen Miller’s Fairy Casanova.I LOVE fairies… a lot. I was drawn to her gorgeous cover and the story inside it. And that’s when I fell for my first short.  Gracen’s story was the perfect “gateway drug” because I was hooked!

I’ve since bought more. Yes, I BOUGHT them. I’ve read stories from Valerie Mann, Clarissa Yip,  and JoAnne Kendrick, and I’m not done yet! They’re very economical! And I continue to be satisfied with the length and the intensity of the stories. It really is an art to provide a  full-bodied story that leaves the reader completely satisfied in under 12,000 words. So I got caught up in the excitement, and wound up writing a 1-Night Stand story of my own.

Ghost of a ChanceAs many of you know, I just released my first 1-Night Stand paranormal story yesterday. Ghost of a Chance is a steamy, sweet romance between two lost souls. I’ve totally fallen for my tortured hero, Remy Charles. Never have I ever considered making love with a ghost, but let me tell you something, Remy changed all that!

So now, what do I do about reading? Well, I’m gonna keep reading my short stories when I don’t have the time for more but need an escape, and return to my full-length novels when I’m available to get lost for a good long while. I think that’s a great compromise. It’s win-win for me!

When you click on the banner below, it will take you to the  1-Night Stand catalog page, of which there are many. There are wonderful stories to choose from, including mine. See if you don’t get hooked, too. Ha ha ha


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  1. This is why I could NOT do without my eReader these days… shorts seem to be all I have the time for, and I can indulge my need to read when I find some spare time with short stories and novellas! Novels are a luxury I generally give to myself during holiday seasons and trips to the beach! And the 1NightStand series feeds my addiction to shorts like no other. They’re super sexy, intriguing and always give good plot for such few pages. What’s not to love? I know. I know. We probably sound biased. But like you said, we buy them with our own pennies. And I’m sure, if we didn’t truly love the series, we firstly wouldn’t be buying them ALL THE TIME, and we sure wouldn’t have written for the series. So there you have it. We love the series. And if you’ve not tried one yet, I hope you will soon…so you don’t miss out on all those awesome little hotties. Psst. We’re not the only ones digging the 1NS books. They’re hitting bestseller lists all over the place 🙂

  2. Oh..and ps. I can’t wait to read your addition to the series, Deena!

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