The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind… or is it just dirt?

I’d been threatened with tornadoes, pummeled by hurricanes, but until I moved out to Arizona, I’d never heard of dust storms, or haboobs. Woke up to a weather alert today- High wind advisory and blowing dust advisory. Great. It’s a peach to drive through. Are you catching my sarcasm?

Here are pictures of what we encounter in between the glorious weather we typically have. Guess I can’t complain too much. We don’t get dust storms  A LOT, but this year there seems to have been quite a few biggies…

Yup, that’s a big plume of dust headed your way. Depending on how fast it’s going, and how fast those cars with headlights are going, they could be engulfed in a matter of seconds.




This picture is a great example of the distinction between clouds and a dust cloud. See the blue skies above? It’s gonna get dark real quick for this particular neighborhood…





These are neighborhoods completely engulfed by the dust storm. Looks and feels like a hurricane or tornado, the winds are so strong. But there’s no rain. Just dust and dirt.






To all my Arizona friends and neighbors, be careful out there today! You see, folks back east and in snow country learn early how to drive in snow and ice. Out here, you learn how to drive through dust that blocks nearly 100% of your vision…

Yeah, they don’t call it the WILD WEST for nuthin’!




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  1. P. Kirby says:

    While a dust storms are a feature, not a bug, here in New Mexico, and west Texas where I grew up, I don’t recall storms of this size. And I just heard on the news that scientists think we are up for more dust storms than usual in the coming years. Yuck.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Not looking forward o the increase. They are a bit on the nerve-wracking side of things. :/

  2. Ruth says:

    When I was a kid growing up in Phoenix there was an added feature of thunder clouds across the top with lightening. We actually would sit on our roof to watch the storm then run down the street catching the shingles that were ripped off the roof. Ahhhh, what to do before computers….. 😉

    1. deena remiel says:

      Get out o’ town, Ruth! You kids… lolI like to watch it come in, but from the safety of my house, and I don’t relish driving in it like I did yesterday due to the wind speed. However, for my side of town, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the haboob pictured above that nipped at our healas as we drove frantically home from dinner that evening and then quickly overtook us at a red light.

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