A Wedding that ROCKED!

Well, my family breezed in and out of NJ, as you know, for my nephew’s wedding. What a phenomenal experience that was! The only picture here that is true to the actual wedding is the first one. The rest are representations of it.

The venue…

And this was just the sanctuary! A stunning view of stone on the outside reminded me of an ancient castle. The reception hall was enormous, with sheer ivory fabric draping and surrounding huge crystal chandeliers.

Throughout the meandering hallways, a smorgasbord was laid out for all to feast on before the ceremony. Delectable morsels and drinks took us all on a journey around the world, with cuisine from France, Mexico, China, Japan, Israel, and America.

And then, the most incredible traditions were shared with all. The bride sat on a dais at the end of a hall. Exciting music played and the groom was ushered down the hall from his groom’s room to her. The groomsmen  and he whooped it up all the way, and once he reached her, he covered her with her vail.

We raced into the sanctuary where the ceremony would soon begin. The ceremony was just glorious! My nephew looked so in love and so excited as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. I couldn’t look at my sister because I’d already drenched the tissue I had. This is her only child. Her son. Such a blessed event. The groomsmen whooped it up and ushered bride and groom down the aisle once the glass was shattered under foot. Avi and Sarah were now husband and wife!

And then, the craziness ensued! Once inside the reception hall, we welcomed the new couple and the men congregated on one side of the dance floor, the ladies on the other and they went nuts! Dancing with pure joy and excitement, it was a sight to behold. Sometimes, the men invaded the girls’ area, and sometimes the girls invaded the guys’ area. It was wonderful seeing Avi and Sarah hoisted up on their chairs. My eldest said the wedding was the bomb! If she says so, it truly is. Over the course of the evening, dancing mixed with eating. Friends did funny skits for the bride and groom to make them laugh.

The band was fantastic! They played all manner of music with such a high caliber of expertise. I danced so much with friends and family that a few toes were still numb yesterday!

I know I shall never experience another wedding quite like my nephew’s. The joy expressed in word, song, and dance was so overwhelming, my eyes were continually wet. Eldest was quick to say she was next in the family to marry. Oy!

Thanks for allowing me to share this special event with you. I wish you all the joy that we felt over the past two days.
Much love,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds like an awesome wedding! I’ve never been to one that sounds this exciting. Congrats to your nephew!


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks, Gracen! Since Eldest plans on having one (eventually) just like it or better, you’ll experience it firsthand. 😉

  2. I’m sure the wedding was just awesome. At my daughter’s wedding, the groomsmen hoisted me up in a chair–me, the only Italian at the event. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and pictures.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      LOL! Oh, Carolyn! That’s brilliant! I bet you had a ball up there!

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