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How An Angel Lost His Mojo (and how he plans on getting it back)

How An Angel Lost His Mojo (and how he plans on getting it back)

Raphael, immortal Brethren Warrior, has seen his fair share of death and destruction since manifesting on earth a couple of millennia ago. Nothing had ever fazed him in the least, nor was there anyone he couldn’t save… until last year.

Last year was a year of drastic change. During an apocalyptic war between the Brethren and Evil his teammate, Brethren Warrior Seraphiel, fell at the hands of Agremon, second in command to Namirha, and once a Brethren as well. He tried to save him, but once an angel’s wing is severed from the body, there is nothing that can be done. Unless you are part of the Trinity. Raphael is not. And the Trinity had not yet been initiated. This dealt him a heavy blow, to say the least.

A short while after Seraphiel’s death, Namirha captured the Great Savior Mother and tortured her to near death. Again, Raphael came up impotent to bring her back. With the Trinity formed, they were able to do so. Raphael walked away from the Brethren’s victory over Evil with none of the happiness one would expect. His foundation had been completely torn asunder and his faith in himself ripped to shreds.

He is currently suffering from a case of healer’s block, unable to do more than provide a band-aid of sorts to those in need. Succumbing to a bad case of guilt, he’s been doing his best to get his mojo back. Visiting specific spiritual sites in Sedona, Arizona, he’s hoping to heal himself and become relevant to the Brethren and the mortal world again. If he can’t, he will have no choice but to return to the Beyond, a broken angel.

**Relic, Book 2 in the Brethren Series, releases on January 27th from Decadent Publishing. It will be available through and Barnes and Noble, along with many other eBook online book sellers.**

How DOES one get their mojo back after it’s been shattered? If you have some advice for Raphael regarding this guilt he’s been harboring, please leave it in the message area and I’ll be sure to give it to him!


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Can I TELL you how excited I am that my second book is releasing next FRIDAY?! Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning of my journey into publishing know how thrilling an experience this has been for me. One book published, and knowing there was more to follow was awesome. But now, actually being able to show two books to people will give a legitimacy to the series that I’ve been craving. With Elixxir nearly done and poised for submission, I’ve settled nicely into this career as author. The sky’s the limit in my opinion, and I meet each new challenge with enthusiasm and an All-In attitude.

In honor of RELIC releasing next Friday, I’m offering up a delicious buffet of hunky angels for you to feast on! Enjoy! And, by the way, NO CALORIES!




MICHAEL                                 RAPHAEL                                  NATHANAEL


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