I Scrapbook, Therefore I Am…

Many moons ago, I was introduced to the world of scrapbooking. This endeavor is not simply putting photos into magnetic page albums and folding the clear static cover over them. Oh no! It is an intensive undertaking to document, in picture and words, our lives as we live it, so our children and our children’s children may look back and be able to identify their ancestors.

I immediately took to it like a moth to a flame. There were so many things to buy to support the effort- albums, stickers, embellishments, paper! I was in heaven! I have documented my daughters’ early years and then moved to creating vacation books instead. They had finite themes that I could tackle, and I figured they were always such good times, we would surely always smile while looking at them over and over again. AND WE DO.

I thought I’d create a scrapbook page for you today regarding my journey into the publishing world. It has only been 11 months  since my first book, TRINITY, was released. AMAZING, I know! But since then, I’ve published four other books. And worked full-time at school. Don’t ask me how, I just don’t know. LOL So, I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve laid out for you of my journey up to this point…

 Once upon time, indeed! A story came to my mind and I had to write it down. This story consumed me night and day for six days straight and I wound up with 11 chapters before a spring break was up. I finished it by July 4th and learned everything I could about submitting and publishing.

Eventually, I  submitted to Decadent Publishing and I was offered a contract for Trinity! I screamed, while in class, and proceeded to run around like a lunatic to all my friends’ classes . I got cheers and hugs from everyone.

I began with Jimmy Thomas as my Michael D’Angelo in Trinity. Unfortunately, we went in a different direction for the series and we redid the cover for consistency. Here is the original cover and the trading card I’d made with Jimmy on it. Then, as you can see, we have the current cover, which I absolutely adore.

I attended the RT Booklovers Convention in April of 2011, thrilled to meet my publishers, fellow author friends, and yes… I had fans! It was a blast! Workshops, meet-ups, parties, and selling. It was the highlight of my newbie career.Oh wait, the highlight had to have been taking home my very own werewolf!

Soon thereafter, I got another contract for RELIC and it was just as exciting. Then the writing bug hit me while waiting for its edits to come back. So I wrote a few shorts. Brethren Beginnings Volume 1 was transformed from the online serial it used to be. Picture Perfect satisfied my need to write a contemporary romance with a little suspense. Ghost of a Chance, my paranormal romance for Decadent Publishing’s 1-Night Stand Series snuck up on me, and was a welcome challenge because of the word count constraint. I had to pack a lot of heat and sweet in a small package!


Amidst the writing came a Romance Readers event that was my friend, Kris Tualla’s baby and my dream conference. We worked our tails off and delivered a phenomenal event. Jimmy Thomas was there along with many authors and fans!


My sweet friend, Belinda Boring, dubbed me… 

Now, how can I top THAT?


And for a VERY LIMITED TIME , it is only $0.99 at amazon.com as a new release special! In fact, ALL of my books are on sale for $0.99!  For more fun, go to Books-n-Kisses! They are part of RELIC’s Blog Tour!

I hope you all enjoyed my scrapbook page. It doesn’t have all the embellishments that I would put on my real scrapbook pages, but the memories behind the pictures are golden.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    This is so fun!! Thanks for sharing it, Deena!!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thanks for being there at the inception of this journey. YOU were my very first friend at DR!

  2. I’ve always wanted to do it myself but have never done it…I think I wouldn’t know where to start..

    1. deenaremiel says:

      I didn’t either, Savannah. I found a Creative Memories consultant who did monthly workshops and went with a friend religiously.

  3. Scrapbooking this weekend with the girls, wanna come? lol
    Love your journey and so glad to be a part of it.


    1. deenaremiel says:

      Oooh! Tempting, Hb! VERY tempting. 😉 I will always love the fact that you WERE and ARE the biggest piece of this journey. Smoochies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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