Tease Me Tuesday- Gift Cards for you from AMAZON.COM

 People are continuing to purchase my Brethren Series on AMAZON.COM at the special reduced rate of 99 cents!!! But it’s such a TEASE knowing how close both books are to getting on the amazon.com lists! So, here’s a little tease for you, as well! 

When TRINITY makes it onto an Amazon list, I WILL GIVE AWAY A $10 GIFT CARD TO AMAZON.COM!

When RELIC makes it onto an Amazon list, I WILL GIVE AWAY A $10 AMAZON.COM GIFT CARD!


1. HELP SPREAD THE WORD about the amazing sale going on TODAY!

2. Comment below about how you shared it TODAY!

3. Subscribe to my site, if you haven’t already.

 You’ll be in the running for one or both gift cards!

AND NOW, a little teaser for you from TRINITY and RELIC…

Trinity Teaser:

He stood by the shrubs, inadequate, troubled, small.

He sensed Emma’s presence behind him and he turned. His breath caught as he watched her walk resolutely down the stair, closing the distance between them. Her eyes fixed firmly on his. He could only imagine what she saw in them. Pain maybe, anguish and guilt, for certain.

In hers, he saw redemption.

He couldn’t move, stayed by emotions long kept hidden away and suppressed. Emma stood before him, a petite yet strong woman, with a fragile yet fierce heart. He could bear it no longer. He needed to touch her, to absorb the latent power within her. He outstretched his arms in desperation and dropped to his knees, beseeching.

A small cry escaped her lips. She met him on the ground and simply embraced him. He held onto her as he had no other; not even Beth. Like she was his anchor in rough seas. The grief, the helplessness, the fear, and the fury poured out of him and into her. She gasped.

Relic Teaser: 

Raphael caught her watching through the window and smiled back. She hid
back against the wall, banging her head in the process. How embarrassing, to be
caught doing a Peeping Tom act! A light tapping on the window told her he had
flown over and awaited her response. Though completely humiliated, she found
herself turning again toward the window. There he stood, wind whipping madly
about, tussling his hair in glorious disarray, a strange glow surrounding his entire
being. He didn’t speak, but simply gazed into her eyes, gesturing with his finger
for her to come and join him in the gathering tempest. She nodded slowly,
spellbound, and walked through the house. As she opened the door, the wind
captured her hair, sending it flying about her in waves. She saw Raphael’s eyes
widen and a broad grin engulf his face.
“What is it, Raphael? What’s going on?”
“Come to me, Serena,” he coaxed provocatively, as he reached out an arm to


21 Comments Add yours

  1. I have your release poster on my blog and an Amazon widget with links to your books! Whoooo! Go Deena!

  2. Kim620 says:

    Good morning….I posted on your Facebook page last night that I bought them. When you do that through Amazon they give you the option of sending a tweet for you, which I did 🙂

  3. I shared both of the books on my FB page. 🙂 And i made sure i was suscribed to your email although i think i already was?!

  4. Nicole Hicks says:

    Shared on my FB page and will keep sharing there! ❤ AWESOME!

  5. elaine bishop says:

    I shared on fcebook and on twitter and signed up to you site i love your books getting ready to start reading relic today

  6. elaine bishop says:

    also shared on stumbleupon

  7. Christy says:

    I shared on my facebook page…. http://www.facebook.com/#!/christina.vanderford. Did you notice that all your books on amazon are 99c for kindle? So went back and got all of them 🙂 I already had Trinity though. christina_92 at yahoo.com

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thank you for mentioning to me about my books! I hadn’t realized! lol 🙂

  8. deenaremiel says:

    You folks are doing great! Keep up the great work! RELIC is sooo close to getting on a list! Trinity is not far behind either! WE can do this! 😀

  9. vampedchik says:

    I subscribe to your email and follow your twitter. I tweeted this post. 🙂
    tweet- https://twitter.com/#!/VampedChik/status/163691176652836865

  10. I’m Sharing, I’m sharing.

  11. beejee77 says:

    Good Luck!!!
    I’ve shared on Twitter and FB and will do again in a few hours when I get back home 🙂
    (I posted the links on the other post you did…but I’m a dork and I do things like that before my morning coffee…LOL)
    I hope they make 🙂

  12. deenaremiel says:

    Super job so far, folks! We’re so close, I can smell it! lol

  13. Since you told me to mention it here, I shared on FB. Good luck, girlie!

  14. April London says:

    I’m a reposting hooker. 😉 But… I’m keeping Gabriel all to myself… hehehehe!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      April! LOL He’s all yours… for now… 😛

  15. EllieAnn says:

    Hi Deena! I subscribed to your site. Good luck with your books, they look awesome!

    1. deenaremiel says:

      Thank you, EllieAnn!

  16. deenaremiel says:

    Astounding effort today, everyone! We’re not on an amazon list yet, but boy are we close! 🙂 Soon as we are, the gift cards are flyin’!

  17. deenaremiel says:

    Reblogged this on Deena Remiel's Place and commented:

    The challenge is still on! How LOW can we GO?! I say all the way to NUMBER 1! And you can win as a result! 🙂

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