The End… a writer’s dream and nightmare

Wednesday evening, midnight, I finished writing Elixxir. Let me qualify that. I finished writing the first draft of Elixxir. You see, writing “The End” on a story is every author’s dream, but also our nightmare. Lurking just around the corner of “The End” is a host of steps before publication…  A couple of those are REVISION and EDITS. I happen to love revising and editing my work, especially with my editors. However, I cringe when I find I’ve repeated words too much and must replace them with other words. There are repeat offenders that I’ve worked diligently to keep down to a minimum once I’d been made aware of them. But it’s so damn hard sometimes to find the right “other” word.  Let me share my old list with you.

characters’ names

So now, although Elixxir is finished, I must start over again to slash and burn, I mean refine and craft the best story ever. I’ve got my tools at hand… my peanut m&m’s and a thesaurus!

**Are there any words in YOUR writing that are overused, repeated ten or more times over the course of a couple of paragraphs? Let’s share and laugh together…


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  1. Judy says:

    THAT THAT THAT. Sigh. It’s such a broad word, covering a multitude of sins, but I have to remind myself it’s a lazy word. I’ve had to rewrite entire paragraphs to rid myself of THAT, but the paragraph is always better. Go you!

  2. beejee77 says:

    I seem to use “Really” and “Bad” a bunch…..Lord, knows I didn’t know I was really bad at it until my writing great pointed it out 🙂

  3. beejee77 says:

    See and this is what happens when I haven’t had coffee…I delete one sentence and forget to re-write it…thus making it look stupid!
    My writing “Group”….I think it’s “Great that you have finished.
    I’m so done now…LOL

  4. SO is my big word and JUST. I am constantly typing them and then erasing them.

  5. April London says:

    rofl… chuckle, grin, slid and slide… rank up there with he/she for me!

  6. I am at the last edit of my first book and being new my abused word list is very long. :{ I’m hoping with more experience it gets shorter. Loved your post.

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