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This “Daydream Believer” is thrown into a nightmare…

He’s gone. He’s really gone. I’ve been without internet due to conferences and no access, only to find out today that Davy Jones has passed away. At first I was dumbstruck, now I’m oh, so very sad. And it makes me realize that all of my icons growing up are getting to that point where it’s touch and go. My rock legends are reaching their 70’s. My TV and movie stars, the same. I’ve been living in denial BIG TIME. Seems I can’t do that anymore. I must now acknowledge that the people who are woven into the theme songs of my life are NOT immortal. Their work may be, but not them.

So I honor DAVY JONES today. The cute English boy who stole my heart eons ago and made a Daydream Believer out of me…

Love you, Davy (Bowie) Jones! Always will!


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