Solar Flares be damned!

I thought a full moon made people crazy, but let me tell ya, folks, it’s met its match with solar flares! Some crazy stuff has been happening since we’ve begun to receive radiation from a major solar storm. 

Cell phones and internet have, at times, rebelled and appeared to have lives of their own. Children are more ornery than usual and behaving in unexpected ways. Mental stability seems to be taking a hit, with self-esteem and confidence issues at an all-time low. 

Damn you, Solar Flares! It got me wondering how do these solar storms affect us here on earth. The answers are quite interesting. I’ve learned these  facts regarding solar storms from Martin LaMonica, of CNET News:

1. Radiation from these flares aren’t dangerous to us down here on earth, but can be to astronauts and people flying at high altitudes.

2. Solar flares can actually cause power outages if they are strong enough storms. It happened in 1989 in Quebec.

3. These storms cause green and white auroras that we love to look at in the sky. People as far south as New York may be able to see them this time, not just those living in Alaska and other northern regions.

4. Solar flares can disrupt satellite communications and affect radio communications, as well.

5. Flights will need to be rerouted around the magnetic poles of the earth so they are not effected.

*Check out this video that has been circulating around the internet news sites. This is from

So are the solar flares really mutating the behavior of my kids? Is it toying with my brain cells and zapping my self-esteem neurons? I don’t know. But it’s sure been funny around here since they’ve started bombarding the earth with radiation. If I come to work next week, behaving oddly, you’ll know why.  I’m pleading Solar Flare radiation has damaged my cerebral cortex! 



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