RT Convention 2012… Score!

I’m slowly digging out from under all the emails, facebook posts and comments, and laundry now that I’m back from the RT Booklovers Convention. It was a wonderful week filled with eye-opening workshops, reunions with friends, and meet-ups with fans I’ve been dying to see in 3D since we met on facebook.

JA Konrath, Blake Crouch, and Mark Coker had really insightful things to teach us. Nalini Singh gave aspiring authors words of advice, and Ann Voss Peterson shared a great technique for shorter length novels.

And now, here are some pics of the fun we had together…

Kris Tualla and I went Intergalactic for a little while…

We also got all “bad girl” with our bad selves with Belinda Boring and Lacey Weatherford…

I became the stuffing of a Yummy Hero sandwich…

And a Scottish Highland lass…

But the best part was meeting up with fans and friends! I’ll let you put your own captions to these… LOL

6 thoughts on “RT Convention 2012… Score!

  1. Love this post! So many great pics! So, who are those sexy men? I am jealous. ;)
    I have never had the pleasure of attending RT. Maybe next year.

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