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How many hats can a person wear?

  We tend to wear many hats throughout our lives. I happen to wear about four currently – a wife, a mother, a teacher, and an author. At any given moment, any hat could be tossed on my head regardless of whether  I’m already wearing one or two or not. Sound familiar?

Well, school has officially ended for the year and I’ve put away that hat for 8 weeks, except for the few days of training I need to attend. I can now devote my full attention to my writing. I can be the full-time author I love to be. I can escape the hum drum and create fantastical worlds and memorable characters in stories that hopefully linger in the minds of my fans.

Uh oh, now that I think about it, as an author, I wear even more hats! I’m a promoter. I’m a marketer. I’m a publisher (for some of my work). I’m a sales representative. Why, even the man up there in the corner doesn’t wear as many hats as I!

At some point, something’s gotta give. But until I’m in the publishing world a bit longer, it will  all have to fall on my shoulders, alone. I gladly do it, too. I love writing stories for you. I love hearing how they touch your heart, or make your pulse race, or inspire you. I love reading the excited posts when packages make it to your hands and how possessive you are over “the angel boys”. I love hosting those virtual games and how much fun we have. I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world! So bring it on! I’m ready for those hats like nobody’s business!

Psst… anybody out there wanna wear a hat or two? I can pay you  with free books! Ha ha ha… ;)




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