How Could We Forget? Forget Me Not, by Belinda Boring

Forget Me Not (#2, The Mystic Wolves)

Only a fool would think they could steal from a werewolf …

Anticipating a quiet night alone with the man she loves, Darcy’s world is sent into a spin with the arrival of someone from the past—Mason’s. She is further shocked by the intruder’s claim she may not even be the true mate of the Mystic Wolves Alpha. Accusations start to fly, leading to her new enemy being granted asylum, and this is just the beginning of trouble.

Relying on the reassurances of Mason and the support of her friends and Pack, Darcy soon falls under attack. Suspicions are raised, and with no other choice, she must flee with Devlin to safety where hopefully they can untangle the lies hidden behind the use of magic. Time is quickly ticking away, leading to a showdown where everything is on the line. 

They need to uncover the truth before it’s too late, or once again, Darcy will need to fight to hold onto her dreams.

EXCERPT: (Get ready to swoon…)

“I can think of a number of things, Darcy.” He stared at my mouth.

“Name one then.”

He stood there, contemplating which answer to share, when a devious grin crossed his face. It wasn’t hard to guess what his response would be. He leaned in, tracing the curve of my cheek with his finger, twirling a strand of hair before resting his forehead against mine. We were standing so close, our breath mingling—lips barely apart.

“There’s something I’ve been dying to do, but wanted to wait for the right moment. Want to know what it is?” The tip of his tongue touched my bottom lip, his hands resting at my waist.

I was breathless, and he’d yet to kiss me—the anticipation was that intense. Heat radiated off our bodies, our individual scents combining and causing us to move in even closer. Every part of us touched, and my skin felt like it was on fire.

“Tell me.” I moistened my lips, waiting for him to seal the deal. I wanted him to kiss me, it didn’t matter what kind he chose, just as long as his mouth was on mine and I could taste him.

“Well, I would take you into my arms. Kind of like this.” He stopped long enough to hold me the way he wanted—one arm around my hips, keeping me locked against his own. The other was up by my shoulders, letting him bury his hand and fingers into my hair. This way he could anchor my head to his, holding me steady and at his mercy.

“Then what?” I whispered.

“I would lean in close—making sure every inch of you was against me.”

“Like now?” I moaned softly.

“Closer.” And with a gentle tug, he removed all space between us. The contact ignited sensations that pulsated, and I felt my head spin. I closed my eyes, trying to ground myself to the moment, not wanting to miss whatever he had left to share.

“Then I’d nestle my lips against your ear, maybe tug on the lobe a little with my teeth… definitely nipping softly at the tender skin there.”

I actually whimpered as he demonstrated, the small bites sending shoots of pleasure down into the soles of my feet. At this rate, if he kept it up, I’d be dragging him into my bedroom—forgetting any need for purity.

“Mason?” My voice was low and husky. I was completely under his spell—enthralled.

He paused, causing the anticipation level to skyrocket. He could’ve asked for anything at that moment, and I would’ve handed it to him on a platter.

He travelled lower, down to where my neck met my shoulder line, and swirled his tongue gently against my skin. I couldn’t stop the shivers that shot through my body. My legs gave way and not waiting, I moved my head so our mouths finally connected.

It was instant fire. It was his turn to groan as I waited for no invitation, and I parted his lips with my tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, and gave myself completely over to him.

Kissing him was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. There was no hesitancy or holding back. We gave everything, laying our hearts and souls bare. Each time we connected was something deeper, forging a stronger bond.

Tangling my hand in his hair, I forgot the world. I forgot earlier events. There wasn’t anything but him. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, both of us breathing heavy, I peered into his face, enjoying the flushed look I found there. It was an incredible feeling knowing Mason reacted the same way.

“Wow.” I leaned back in, unable to resist one last brush against his mouth.



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