Alpha Male Exhibit Part 2- A Feast For Your Eyes on Hump Day

Here are more photos my sexually potent men have sent me to ogle over.  They’ve spoiled me for anyone else. And why should I go looking, anyway? I’m the luckiest woman alive!

Want a piece of this? Yeah, figured you would. I’m all about sharing with my friends so, let me re-introduce my angels and men to you. Rapturous misery loves company!


First, I’d like to introduce you to Raphael, my SAVIOR. No one does sex in a storm like he does. Raincoat NOT required! Just look at him. Who wants to be first to run their hands over his washboard and kiss away his troubles? Find him in RELIC, at AMAZON.COM


 Here’s my PROTECTOR, Michael. Riddled with angst and shame makes this angel of mine all the more appealing! Who’s up for stroking his, uh, self-esteem back to good health? Find him in TRINITY at AMAZON.COM


Nathanael, Nathanael, my WARRIOR. Broken, an addict of the most unusual kind, and blurring the line between good and evil. For his safety, his identity has been concealed. Who will protect and save him from evil’s clutches? All he needs is a safe haven. Could you fit the bill? Find him in BRETHREN BEGINNINGS VOLUME 1 at AMAZON.COM and soon in ELIXXIR, Book Three of the Brethren Series.


Next, is Remy Charles, a ghost of a man. Exuding latent sensuality, this ghost is all too ready to be brought back to life. Bring your chocolate sauce, and he’s putty in your hand! Find him in GHOST OF A CHANCE atAMAZON.COM



Finally, let me introduce you to Jamie White, a romance cover model and entrepreneur. Poor man is blessed with the sexy gene, but not with the opportunity to find true love. Who among you is strong enough to ignore the crazy women he attracts and get to the heart of the man behind the image? Find him in PICTURE PERFECT at AMAZON.COM

Well, these men have a passion in their pants, and I ain’t afraid to share it ON HUMP DAY!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaxs says:

    Putter-pitter, potter-putter, pitter-patter, help! Where are my heart pills, hurry..thump…pitter..thump…thump….thump..thump,thump..😳 Well I guess that was just too many hunks and my poor sick heart(not true) couldn’t take it. Where did you find those bodies! Can anybody rent them for awhile, just to look at and maybe touch a little. They are so dreamy…….

    1. deenaremiel says:

      ROFLMAO! Jaxs, let’s just say I had a GREAT morning putting those together! HAHAHA!

  2. barbaralongley says:

    It’s so refreshing to see men’s bodies objectified for a while! We’ve dealt with it for eons. Their turn to pose; our turn to ogle. Thanks.

    1. deenaremiel says:

      LOL I agree.You’re welcome. 😀

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